Get first-class customer support provided by quality people for your product, solution, software or app

You've built the next big thing! You're already disruptive in your space.  But oh yeah, someone has to take care of all of those questions you're going to get. And your users are social and your online reputation is crucial.  


Contact mindStart to discuss our solutions that are as individual as your company.  We provide outstanding technical, billing, and 'whatever' support to your customers, so you can focus on what’s most important - rolling out your project and providing the innovation expected from your customers, investors, and team.


Based in Austin, Texas with agents around the globe, we provide super friendly, highly knowledgeable support to the world’s leading companies.  We're big enough to have the experience and knowledge to support your clients, but small enough to provide the individual solutions needed.  And, we're always seeking ways to engage with your customers the way they prefer - which is often via self-service solutions.


Contact us to find out why Coca-Cola, Nordstrom, Boosted Boards, BMW, Apps such as NoPhone and Last Man, and many others have selected our team for their support.   Better yet, come visit us in Austin ! There's a lot to do here! 

Who Provides Tech Support for the Internet of Things?

Some of Our Clients

Digital natives have always had multiple ways to connect.  It’s no surprise your customers are reaching out  from all directions. 

To resolve a problem or make an informed purchase decision, customers are tweeting their frustrations to get recommendations, followed by a detailed email demanding immediate action, and even a frantic call to speed the process. Agents must be able to instantaneously connect all of these dots to make sure their customer walks away happy. And shares that experience with others.

We've all been there.  Point A to point B looks direct. But once you get past that first mile, you begin to gain some clarity of the road that lies ahead. And more times than not, it's not exactly as you planned.  

We've been down that path before and can help you circumvent the obstacles ahead, as well as plan in advance for some of the inevitable challenges.


Developing a knowledge base, customer self-service tools, and providing product feedback to your product designers all are part of our solution.  It makes it a better end-user experience, we're all in.  

At mindStart, we believe in getting involved in the community. Some of the charities we support are seen here.

Awards & Associations

Awarded the 2016 ABA Top Telecommunications Customer Service Department of the Year 

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