Customer Service Job Description: What Does the Job Entail?

mindStart's Take On the Customer Service Job Description Being a customer service representative requires many unique qualities, all wrapped up in one persona. Throughout this piece we'll be discussing the qualities which will help you stand apart from the rest of the pack within the customer service job itself. We at mindStart offer a variety of outsourced customer service solutions, specifically for startups. We've found our customer service representatives to be top-tier amongst the industry and we could not be prouder of the work they complete on a daily basis. Below we'll provide a guide of what you can expect when encountering one of our excellent customer service representatives and h

Outsourced Customer Support for Pet Sitting Startups

Pet Sitting Startups: "Meow!" & "Woof!" As more and more people bring fuzzy friends into their lives, the opportunities to offer services for those same individuals opens. Many pet owners enjoy the idea of being able to travel without having to worry about the safety and happiness of their pet while they're away. With new pet sitting startups popping up each and every month it seems, it's important to differentiate your pet sitting startup from the rest of the competition. To do so, it would be a fantastic plan to truly separate yourself from the rest of the pack with our excellent, outsourced, U.S.-based customer service. We offer a number of options when it comes to customer support for yo

Outsourced Customer Support for Hygiene Startups

Hygiene in Our Modern World Hygiene has been and always will be an important aspect of daily human life. There are a multitude of benefits to begin hygienic, not only for your own well-being but for the well-being of other individuals as well. With the integration of startups and hygiene, there are a number of advantages when the two worlds meet. With the technology side, there are many aspects of hygiene products which can be optimized. With the medically-based hygienic side, there are may components from an efficacy standpoint, along with an effectiveness standpoint which many tech-savvy individuals may overlook. With the combined forces of these two separate worlds, there are virtually li

Outsourced Customer Support for Standing Desk Startups

Standing Desks: An Opportunity for Health & Wellness Health and wellness in the office setting can be difficult to come by, yet with a standing desk, you’re able to embody both health and wellness by offsetting the years of sitting and how truly destructive it can be on your body. Standing desks have come a long way since their initial inception. With the power of startup funding, research, and development; we have seen several amazing developments over the past ten years in the standing desk niche. Read on to learn more about how mindStart aligns with your standing desk startup and how our excellent customer service will help you startup reach its goals at a much more rapid rate while focus

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