Outsourced Customer Support for Houston Startups

Outsourced Customer Support in Houston: An Economic Powerhouse Houston is a city which has always been centered around oil, innovation, and a strong economy. As the world begins to become more "green", it's sensible that the city would begin to invest in alternative markets; such as startups! We at mindStart are here to help your Houston startup reach new heights with the help of our excellent, outsourced customer service, based right here in Texas. Our team consists of some of the most excellent customer support representatives and we always place a strong emphasis on embodying your startup's identity, passion, and expertise. Through these methods, we've been able to identify the unique ne

Korean Language Customer Support for Startups

Offering Korean Language Support for Your Startup When you cater to customers in different regions around the world, you'll most certainly want to offer customer service in their preferred language. If you're planning on expanding into the Korean marketplace, you'll want to ensure your customer support offerings are available in Korean. There are many advantages to this process as the economy of South Korea is one which is thriving within the technology sphere. There are so many amazing products and services being developed in South Korea each and every day. Don't miss out on the progress being developed. Start offering your Korean-speaking customers Korean language customer support from min

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