Outsourced Customer Support for Event Startups

Event Startups are All the Rave Event startups are becoming more and more popular as time progresses and with that progression in the overall sphere of the event scene comes the need for a number of new options in the form of support systems for your growing startup. Whether you cater to the music scene, the rave scene, the tech scene, or anything in between; we at mindStart are able to help your startup grow and expand with our excellent customer support methods and techniques. We strive to have your startup recognized for its superior customer service which is a key component to any successful business model. Read on to learn more about how we'll be able to help your startup reach its goal

Who Provides Tech Support for the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a funny phenomenon. While the phrase connotes “interconnectedness,” the truth is that these new gadgets, applications, interfaces, and systems aren’t nearly as interconnected as we expect them to be. Think about it. Why do we have these “things”? We want our lives to be easier; we have connected “things” to gain control and convenience. “Things” allow us to do something, achieve multiple tasks and glean useful, actionable information. They allow us to shop, research, activate, change, transfer, call, watch, monitor, control, and so on, and we expect to be able to realize those tasks wherever and whenever we want – even remotely. Sure, the “things” we’re using

Outsourced Customer Service for Automotive Startups

Outsourced Customer Service: Automotive Startups Automotive startups range from the grandiose prestige of the dominant force of Tesla to up-and-coming startups such as Chariot, which is a full-service fleet of ride-sharing vehicles dedicated to providing reduced congestion, easy transportation options, and an overall better alternative to current mass transit systems in cities all over the world. Through this wide spectrum of big players to up-and-coming proteges, there remains one thing they'll all need at some point in time: excellent customer service. Through mindStart's efforts and operations, we're able to successfully offer a plethora of options for startups on any point of the growth

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