Outsourced Customer Support for San Antonio Startups

San Antonio: A Bridge Between Major Texas Cities San Antonio has lots of history and is well recognized throughout Texas, yet nowadays it's not only being recognized for its historic contributions to Texas culture, it's being noticed for its up and coming startup technology and businesses development. Soon enough, San Antonio will be up there with Austin, Dallas, and Houston and have a great following of its own. It's only a matter of time before the startup culture grows and grows and grows within the wonderful city which is San Antonio. Read on to learn more about the projected growth within San Antonio and how mindStart plans to help all of its awesome startups! Anticipated, Future Expans

Outsourced Customer Support for Dallas Startups

Dallas is Moving Up in the Startup World Dallas used to be a city strictly focused on Texas finance, oil money, and more traditional business models. Nowadays, the fine city of Dallas is open to any and all business types and it seems they are most certainly embracing the art and culture of the startup scene. With all of this new business happening and the city opening up its arms to innovative companies which want to set up shop in the DFW area, it's only a matter of time before Dallas becomes a major player in the world of startups. Read on to learn more about what makes the city of Dallas so great and how mindStart is here to help Dallas startups succeed through excellent, US-based, outso

Onshore vs Offshore Call Centers

There is no bigger topic in the customer service market these days than offshore outsourcing. As a call center provider that offers both options, Perfect Pitch Tech is a neutral party in this ongoing discussion. Each type of call center has its own advantages and disadvantages. The differences between offshore and onshore are cost, location, and language. Based on the price, location, and the language skills that the company looks for, offshore call centers could be a better alternative than onshore. First and foremost, the cost. It is obvious that an offshore call center is cheaper than onshore call center. This is because the cost to operate a call center offshore is a lot cheaper than ope

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