US Based Customer Service for Swedish Companies

"Hej, Hej!" It's an Exciting Time for Startups in Sweden At mindStart, we're big fans of the seemingly never-ending amount of amazing companies which are produced out of Sweden every year. Sweden is a true hub for technology innovation and startup culture. Stockholm in particular has been rated as one of the most startup-friendly environments for several years in a row due to its high-quality talent pool, its environment which sparks creativity, and its long history of being one of the most forward-thinking regions in Scandinavia. Some of the greatest and most successful startups have been formed from the cold, dark winters of Sweden. All of the time spent indoors due to the harsh winters mo

Outsourced Customer Support for Detroit Startups

Transforming the Motor City to Startup City Detroit is a city which has always been known for it's massive involvement within the automotive industry, so much so, it's been known as the "Motor City" for several decades now. However, after the 2008 economic/housing crisis, that changed as many of the people who were supposed to be purchasing new vehicles simply were not. This is also when several thousand homes across the Detroit market were selling for literally dollars when they would usually go for thousands. This was a dark time for the city, yet thankfully it's now on its way to becoming a powerhouse once again, only this time it's in a different niche: technology and startups. That's ri

US Based Customer Service for Israeli Companies

Israel: A Thriving Country With a Growing Need for Customer Service If you've been involved in the tech industry just within the past few years, you've most likely heard about the amazing innovations and advancements Israel has made. Some of our very own clients are from Israel and we have to say we're genuinely impressed with all of the innovative technology offerings which seem to be pouring out of the historically forward-thinking country. As with any country which is experiencing tremendous growth and acceleration, there's a growing need for customer service operations to be implemented throughout organizations. At mindStart, we welcome companies of all shapes, formats, and sizes; but we

US Based Customer Service for Norwegian Companies

Norway: A Hub for Innovation Most of us are familiar with the societal standards of Norway. A country built on looking out for your neighbor and preserving wealth to pass onto generation after generation. This process of taking care of those who surround you can be transcended across business in modern day Norway as well. All of the amazing companies whom have originated from Norwegian roots have several things in common, but the most prominent feature of their work culture is that of ensuring everyone is treated properly and with respect for a great quality of life. This same concept is how we at mindStart treat all of our clients' customers when interacting with them on a day-to-day basis.

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