Outsourced Customer Support for Miami Startups

Sun, Fun, and Startups! Miami is known for being a party town which has a lot of fun in the sun, but lately, it's been known as being one of the fastest growing startup hubs in the nation. Miami has always had a strong community of entrepreneurs. Whether they belong to the restaurant industry, the entertainment industry, or the tourism industry; there is always a sense of pride and ownership in the city. As of late, that sense of pride and ownership has transferred to the startup community. Here at mindStart, we're so excited to see so many fantastic startups popping up all across town. Read on to discover the many benefits of being a startup in Miami and how mindStart plans to help the star

Outsourced Customer Support for London Startups

London is Thriving London has long been an economic hub for seemingly forever, yet even with all of the economic fluctuations and downturns the fine city has experienced, it still comes out on top every year. Something about the city draws the best and brightest, especially in the world of startups. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better city for your startup if you're ambitious and willing to do what it takes to succeed. Read on to learn more about the startup scene in London and how mindStart plans on helping the scene expand. "Brexit" Has Had Little Effect So Far As mentioned earlier, there have been several economic fluctuations throughout the history of London, yet the most recent "Bre

US Based Customer Service for Japanese Companies

An Originator Japan has long been an innovator, an enthusiast for all things technology, and an originator in all related fields of technological advancement. There are many exciting things happening every day in Japan with everything from robots to gaming to artificial intelligence. The technological capabilities of such a country are virtually unlimited. This is the perfect scenario for a growing startup environment to begin to thrive and that is exactly what is happening in the country of Japan. Investment is Strong In a country where investing in one's self through meditative methods, health, and wellness is quite common; it makes sense that Japan would be willing to invest in their infr

Outsourced Customer Support for Portland Startups

The Silicon Forest: Beards, Beer, Tattoos, and Startups Portland is a creative town which is known for the above, but it's also a town brimming on becoming a major city geared towards startups. The excellent economic conditions have helped startups find a place to call home, and thus, Portland has fostered some of the greatest startups in the world. Read on to discover why so many startups have made the move to Portland and how mindStart can help your Portland startup grow with power of our outsourced customer service solutions. Exponential Growth As many of you may have noticed, especially if you're living in the Portland area yourself, the exponential growth being had by what was once a ch

Outsourced Customer Support for Madison Startups

Transforming from "Cheese-Heads" to Startups Madison is a university town with a strong culture surrounded by good food, good bars, good cheese, and good people. Yet nowadays, there's another element in the Madison equation and it should definitely be mentioned. The fifth element in this equation is the booming startup scene. Madison currently hosts 245 startups with 4,789 investors, yielding a 3.3 million dollar average valuation. All of this from a smaller town in the midwest is quite impressive and it's only going to increase as people relocate to Madison for several of the benefits the town has to offer. Read on to discover said benefits and learn why mindStart is the choice in outsourci

Outsourced Customer Support for Seattle Startups

A Historic Town with Rapid Growth Seattle has been featured in stories, movies, television, books, etc... and it's always been a city which has had a lot of rain, but with that rain comes a lot of creativity. Seattle being a historic town for all of the aforementioned media correlates with the resident's creative pursuits in all things from restaurants to books to art, but the thing we at mindStart are most excited about is the startup culture in Seattle. The city itself is transforming into a massive startup hub and will soon enough be considered just as valuable as San Francisco, New York City, or London in the startup scene. Read on to learn why the city of Seattle is so great and why it'

Outsourced Customer Support for Toronto Startups

Toronto: The Business Hub of Canada When people think of Toronto, they often think of a city filled with finance, business, and an overall metropolitan vibe which is difficult to replicate elsewhere. The city offers one of the strongest economies in Canada and provides many high-paying jobs for qualified individuals. There's a lot to be said about Toronto and all of its fantastic features, but there's a new, up and coming force making great strides in the city: startups. Yes, startups. The city is embracing the influx of new technology, cohorts, incubators, and all of the great culture surrounding the startup scene. The city of Toronto realizes encouraging startup growth and community will o

Outsourced Customer Support for NYC Startups

A True American City New York has been idolized and worshipped as a grand haven for business, success, cutthroat competition, and now, startups. These are all good things, especially in the capitalist economy America was built on. The progression of New York City in the startup realm makes sense as the city itself has a way of taking people in and spitting them out if they're not careful, in true technological advancement form. With all of this competition and aggression, it's now wonder why the startup environment was attracted to Silicon Alley. The startup scene in many areas around the world is extremely competitive and holds with it many sleepless nights and 60-80 hour work weeks. With e

Outsourced Customer Support for Atlanta Startups

ATL: A Historic and Growing Economy Atlanta has long been known to house some of the largest corporations in the world. Companies ranging from Coca-Cola to CNN to Delta Airlines. There are many, many corporation which call Atlanta "home", yet there are more and more startups choosing to call Atlanta "home" as well. With a low cost of living, an incredible talent pool, and a number of cohorts already formed throughout the Atlanta area, it's only a matter of time before Atlanta begins to transform itself into a city where new technology is embraced; maybe even more so than the standard business models of previous generations? Read on to learn more about the Atlanta startup incubators, companie

Outsourced Customer Support for Ann Arbor Startups

Ann Arbor: A Growing College Town Ann Arbor is traditionally thought of as a college/university town where many go to study everything from medicine to business to law. The times are changing as Ann Arbor has become a cultural hub in Michigan, otherwise known as "The Mitten". Ann Arbor has a little bit of everything to offer for everyone. This is most likely the reason why so many people have decided to set up shop in A2 and call it their new home for business, and pleasure. Read on to discover why Ann Arbor is no longer just a university town in the midwest, but a growing hub for innovative startup technology. Home to University of Michigan Being that the University of Michigan only accepts

Outsourced Customer Support for Vancouver Startups

Vancouver is Growing and So are the Number of Investors Vancouver has long been held as a great vacation destination for families seeking a city which is a metropolis as well as a nature-filled getaway. Vancouver possesses a climate which is beautiful year-round; making it one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Now, with several investors and startups choosing to call Vancouver their newfound home, it's only a matter of time before Vancouver itself will be competing with the big dogs in the world of startups. Read on to discover some fascinating facts about the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia and how we at mindStart can help the startup scene grow! Startup Accelerati

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