Outsourced Customer Support for San Francisco Startups

San Francisco Bay Area: Where It All Started San Francisco has long been known as the startup capital for many, many years now. It's inspired many variations of its iconic nickname: "Silicon Valley", throughout startup territories in the U.S, Europe, Asia, etc... For being such an iconic city, one may believe the bubble will certainly burst sometime soon, yet Silicon Valley has proven time and time again, it's not going anywhere. At mindStart, we recognize this fact and are always excited to come across innovative startups, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. Read on to learn more about the startup scene in SF and how mindStart plans to help SF's finest startups continue to grow throug

Outsourced Customer Support for Philadelphia Startups

The City of Brotherly Love is Transforming... Philadelphia has long been referred as "The City of Brotherly Love", but nowadays it's more likely to be referred to as "The City of Successfully Innovative Startups" with how many of said startups seem to be appearing as each week passes. Philly is a city which can sometimes have a rough exterior, but inside the communities are groups of entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators who want to put Philly on the map as a startup city. So far, this method has been working, as the city itself is turning heads when it comes to it's innovative approach with solving problems every day with startup technologies. Read on to learn more about the startup scene

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