Don't Miss the Trees for the Forest

Your company just produced the latest and greatest in the emerging tech world. Your focus is on your product: marketing, selling, getting your name out there. All things you learned in business school. And that is important. The only problem? Who is taking care of your customers? Maybe you only get a few customer service inquiries a day right now. And maybe that is few enough to handle in house. But what do you do when your dreams come true, and your product starts selling more and more? With the increase in sales, your customer service inquiries will undoubtedly double, if not triple. And quickly. Its easy in this environment to focus only on the forest, that is, only on selling more and m

Outsourced Customer Support for Denver Startups

Denver, the City of Nature and Economic Activity Whenever you visit Denver, Colorado, you'll begin to notice the seemingly never-ending presence of foliage, flowers, and trees (depending on the season) and with that comes the economic activity which has been flourishing similarly to a spring flower for the past 10 years. The standard business opportunities of being involved with oil, finance, and transportation have now transcended into the realm of startups and technology as a whole. With this exciting migration from traditional business models to new and exciting startups which are formed nearly every week, it's only a matter of time before Denver becomes a true startup hub and attracts th

Tech Companies Leave Phone Calls Behind

Quora is a Web site that crowdsources answers to just about any question imaginable, including “What is the meaning of life?” and “Is it possible to stick someone to the wall with Velcro?” But anyone searching for a phone number for the company is out of luck. Not only is the number unlisted, but the very question “What is the phone number for Quora?” has gone unanswered for months. Quora is not the only social technology company that presents an antisocial attitude to callers. Twitter’s phone system hangs up after providing Web or e-mail addresses three times. At the end of a long phone tree, Facebook’s system explains it is, in fact, “an Internet-based company.” Try e-mail, it suggests. Li

Customer Service using Chat?

In today's world, people want fast and reliable customer support. They don't want to have to wait on a response. They don't want to spend time on hold. While the preferred option for most people may be self-service automation, undoubtedly the fastest way to service your customers is through a chat medium. Having a trained and efficient customer service representative logged in and ready to resolve problems right as they appear is what your customers want. A chat box is much faster than exchanging emails every couple of hours or making your customers hang on the phone when stuck in a queue. Chat allows customer service representatives to answer just seconds after a question is submitted.

Social customer service: In-house or outsourced?

By 2015 there was a 30% year-on-year growth in the volume of social media messages related to customer care. Social was said to account for around 11.5% of all interactions in contact centers. The dynamics of the customer interaction have shifted via platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, yet as we previously reported, businesses are struggling to find the resources for the transition: just 3% of company investment in customer support is earmarked for social media, despite platforms accounting for approximately 17% of the communication channels used by consumers. With so much at stake, is outsourcing social media an option? In 2014 it appeared that way. Research released by Arvato found tha

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