mindStart in Film! We ❤️ our young Austin filmmakers!

mindStart is pleased to be featured in this awesome film by Austin's own young filmmakers! And, it represents us well. We're all about quality, fun and helping our clients GO FAST! Austin is such an amazing home-base for mindStart. We're fortunate enough to also be at the hub of filmmaking in Texas. Maybe we're known for our outstanding outsourced customer service and call center services, but we also like to have some fun. And with Circuit of the Americas in our backyard, there are ample opportunities!

Considering customer service outsourcing? Ask these 4 questions first

Our mindStart CX team is powered by the ZenDesk platform (among others), which allows us to offer flexible and affordable domestic-outsourcing options to our clients. Considering customer service outsourcing? Ask these 4 questions first! Have you ever heard someone say the price of growth is change? An old boss of mine used to say this regularly, and there’s a lot of truth to it. As your organization grows, it’s guaranteed to cause a lot of change. One place where this growth-fueled change often manifests itself is in how you support your customers. The last thing you want is to see your customer count skyrocket while your customer experience and customer satisfaction suffer. Companies in th

The Case for Small Companies to Outsource Customer Service

In house or outsource? This is a question that small business owners have been asking themselves for a long time. Should a small company devote resources to in house support, or outsource the operation. Is outsourcing more cost effective than developing an in house support staff? These are questions we will look to answer throughout the rest of this article. Before we explore the benefits of customer service outsourcing for small companies, one must understand exactly what the practice is. Customer service outsourcing is the process of having a call center that specializes in providing customer support for other companies, answer your customer service calls, emails, social media messages, et

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