Benefits of an After-Hours Answering Service

We'll Be There One of the main complaints customers will provide when asked for feedback will be the common complaint of: "Why are you not open?". In 2017, this is a valid complaint. The competition within so many industries is ruthless. If you can stand apart from the competition with something as simple as offering after-hours, 24/7 customer support, why not? When you're open to help a disgruntled customer solve their issue with your company, you'll most likely receive much more positive feedback than if said customer were to be redirected to nothing more than an answering machine with no human interaction. Now more than ever, it's important to have an after-hours answering service to be a

US Based Customer Service for Chinese Companies

Global Expansion In our modern world, multiculturalism, globalism, and international trade are all rising to the forefront of a successful business. Simply put, if you want to be successful, you'll struggle to see the highest levels of success without having an international plan of action and acting on said plan of action to expand internationally. As the competition in every arena continues to grow each and every year, you'll want to stand apart as an international business in China. Exponential Growth China has seen some of the highest growth in the last few decades and it's been due to outsourcing and more affordable labor costs, yet now, the tables have turned and Chinese companies are

mindStart: Starting Your Customer Service Experience On the Right Foot

First Impressions First impressions are everything in the world of customer service and we at mindStart know this best. We only provide the best, most courteous customer service to our clients and your customers. Through this process of consistently providing excellent customer service we not only stand apart from our competition but we also present amazing first impressions for your customers. First impressions have been studied across consumer interactions and what’s been found is when customer service is excellent, most customers will be much more forgiving if something does happen to go wrong with your service and/or product. Why Customer Service Matters Some of the top ranking companies

Customer Service in 2017

Where does mindStart fit in 2017’s Customer Service Model? In 2017, there are so many paths to take when choosing your customer service model. Everything from social media to live chat to email support to ticketing systems. The options are growing day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year. Soon enough, you’ll be able to intelligently reach out to a company of your choosing through thought patterns, but until then, we’ll be examining customer support in 2017 and how mindStart can help. Social Media With social media, many users have found the response rate to be significantly quicker than waiting on a phone or submitting a ticket via an email or a ticketing system. This is due to

How to Handle Customer Service Entirely Online for Small Business

mindStart: Your Online Customer Service Provider Within the world of ticketing systems, live chat, and every other online-based customer service feature lies mindStart. We take great pride in adapting to and embracing online technologies which allow us to better perform day-to-day functions and service our clients and their customers with the most efficient and well-structured solutions, industry-wide. Through vigorous testing, we’ve been able to narrow down our customer service approach to a concise, targeted approach where we can analyze customer service inquiries in real-time while providing valuable feedback to both the user and business owner. These reports are shared with you through a

When Customer Service Goes Bad

Bad Examples We’re sure you’ve encountered poor customer service at some point in your life, we all have. It’s not a fun experience trying to justify your claims, only to be told they’re not valid and to essentially “eat dirt”. Here at mindStart, we only provide the best customer service for our clients and their customers. We have versatile, highly-trained staff to deescalate tough situations and provide solutions, not additional headaches for the customers. We enjoy leading by example and we believe the customer is key to your success and our success. We’ll do everything within our power to provide the most efficient and effective solutions for your customers while ensuring your brand inte

Customer Service Solutions for Startups

mindStart, Providing Customer Service Solutions for Startups With startups, there are constantly crucial elements at play. What may seem to be a minor decision in hindsight can either make or break your business. This is why it’s so important to do things right from the start and have processes put into place which allow your business to thrive, not barely survive. At mindStart, we have a heavy focus on startups in particular as we love to provide valuable acceleration to innovative, groundbreaking companies producing great products and/or services. Read on to find out who we differentiate ourselves when compared to the competition. Best Customer Service for Startups When we say we’re the be

Common Mistakes When Outsourcing Customer Service

Don’t Make These Mistakes When mistakes are made, we tend to learn from them. We at mindStart enjoy sharing our insights we encounter when hearing about why people make the switch to our company from the competition. Below are some of the most common mistakes people make when selecting an outsourced customer service center. Only Focusing On Cost When people tend to only focus on the lowest-cost option available, or even a somewhat lower cost option when compared to the competition, they’ll often find what they saved in the short-term was spent again later on while searching for a new, better group to handle their outsourced customer service after having a negative experience. The old saying

Outsourcing Customer Service for Small Business

Outsourcing for Your Small Business When choosing to outsource customer service for your small business it may seem as though you’re choosing a lesser-quality avenue when deciding what to do with your customers’ inquiries. With mindStart, this is not the case whatsoever. We’ve been told our customer service solutions for businesses, big and small, are top-tier, high-quality, and overall better than your standard in-house customer support team. The main reasons for this are our staff, our workflow, our education, and our tenacity for results. Our Staff Our staff is highly educated, intelligent, professional, and competent in all aspects of customer support and business. More than 90% of our s

How Many Customer Service Reps Do You Need for Your Small Business?

What is the Perfect Number? In your small business, there are many areas which will be rapidly changing with your newfound growth and will require you to have a scaleable, adaptable strategy with a strong course of action to avoid any bumps in the road. While there is no "perfect" customer service representative number for any business, we at mindStart believe we’ve generated enough data to comfortably assure all of our clients with the data-backed facts and provide the solutions to all of your customer service growing pains with nearly perfect results. What Do Customer Service Reps Do? When you outsource your customer service, you run the risk of losing the personal touch and you can often

Answering Service Customer Support for Small Business

Answering the Phone, Simple, Right? One would think that efficiently and effectively answering phone calls would be an easy process which anyone and everyone can do, but that is not the case, whatsoever. It’s important to remember the more business your company has, the greater the potential for things to go wrong. When things go wrong, you’ll want to be prepared in the best possible way. mindStart provides assurance and confidence in your business and your customers, knowing they’re receiving an American-based customer service experience while providing a plethora of knowledge from our staff comprised of 90%+ college-educated individuals with a wide range of skills, ranging from foreign lan

What Does Assisting a Customer Mean to You?

mindStart’s Answer to Assisting Customers While there are many different answers to this question, all of the answers lead to one common denominator: solving the customer’s problem. There are a number of things which could go wrong at any given moment in the field of technology and it’s vital for a company’s success to ensure their customers have access to the best support available, 24/7, 365 and not on the other side of the world. What does assisting a customer mean to you? Our answer for this question is mindStart. mindStart: How We’re Different There’s a plethora of companies to choose from in the customer service sphere; especially in the technology world. The main difference when compa

Outsourced Customer Support for Austin Startups

Austin, Texas is Our Home Being that mindStart is based here in Austin, we do have somewhat of a bias towards this amazing city we call home, but that doesn't mean it's not all it's cracked up to be. Austin is truly one of the pioneering, new frontiers in the world of startups and we're so happy to be here to help all of the amazing up-and-coming startups being formed every week. We're here to help them with their outsourced customer support, but we're also here to help these startups transform into full-fledged companies with great success. Read on to learn more about how the Austin startup scene is evolving and how mindStart plans on being a major part of Austin's startup's success! The St

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