Outsourced Customer Support for Raleigh-Durham Startups

Raleigh-Durham Startups: An Up and Coming Movement Raleigh-Durham is slowly, but surely becoming a growing force in the startup community. Situated in an area of the country which is not particularly known for its startup culture, it's growing into its own unique, eccentric startup zone; similar to the likes of Austin, Kansas City, and Albany. There's still a lot of room to grow for the greater Raleigh-Durham area, but surely in a few years time, it will become a major force on the East coast which will command a presence with all of the spectacular innovation going on as of late. Read on to learn how mindStart can help your Raleigh-Durham based startup grow and succeed with our excellent, o

Outsourced Customer Support for Dublin, Ireland Startups

Dublin: A Growing City in Ireland With Dublin being one of the prime destinations for a growing number of mega-tech corporations and the startup scene alike, it’s no wonder there’s such a strong attraction to the Irish city. It poses a number of advantages ranging from favorable tax rates to a relatively mild climate to a number of eager graduates excited to join the startup community. All in all, Dublin, Ireland is poised to become one of the best startup cities in the world and mindStart will be here to help all of Dublin’s startups along the way with our excellent, outsourced, customer service! Tax Advantages There are a number of tax advantages to forming a startup, or any company for th

Outsourced Customer Support for San Diego Startups

San Diego Startups Startups in San Diego are thriving as the over-extended startups of San Francisco decide to migrate towards its lower-cost, Southern neighbor. San Diego has extremely beautiful, consistent weather and will often attract many just based on that principle alone. However, there is much more to love than just the weather in the great city of San Diego, California and we at mindStart enjoy helping San Diego-based startups with our excellent, outsourced customer service provided by our US-based customer service representatives. Read on to learn why mindStart is the right choice for your startup if you're experiencing exponential growth and want to see your customer service effor

Can You Run a Startup Without Customer Service?

Running a Startup Without Customer Service... Running a startup without customer service is certainly something you can choose to do, but what if something goes wrong? A product breaks, a software update has a bug, you have a billing error for all of your subscribers? These scenarios, and many more, are certainly something which can spiral out of control if you don't have a customer service solution in place, ready to go. This is where mindStart comes in and we'll be able to help your customer service efforts, every step of the way. Read on to learn why mindStart is your customer support solution for your growing startup. Consistency Being consistently great with your customer service is not

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