Outsourced Customer Support for Los Angeles Startups

Los Angeles: The City of Angels & Startups We've all known Los Angeles to be a city filled with everything from Hollywood "glitz & glamour" to mega-mansions where the stars reside; yet with each passing year, there's a new trend which seems to be emerging from the roots of one of California's most iconic cities: Startups. Yes, the often SF-affiliated term which resonated throughout the world is now beginning to make waves in Los Angeles. The city is known for it's great weather, cool people, and great music scene; but it's now known for an abundance of startups. Everything ranging from dating apps to packaging platforms to coffee startups are now present and thriving in the greater Los Angel

Outsourced Customer Support for Berlin Startups

Berlin: The Startup Epicenter of Germany Berlin is a city which is constantly encompassed with thriving startups in all sectors of the business world. There are plenty of new and exciting areas of innovation, technology, and enhanced experiences through the power of apps, SaaS, and software; all waiting to be consumed by the masses, eager to better their lives through technological advancement. Read on to learn why the powerhaus which is Berlin, is certainly a city to look out for in the world of startup culture and innovation Historical Significance Berlin has always been a city with an abundance of history and always something to learn about. There's everything from the infamous Berlin Wal

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