Outsourced Customer Support for Geneva, Switzerland Startups

Geneva, Switzerland: A Beautiful Place for Startups to Call Home The Swiss do things right. Between their nature, their food, their quality of life, and their startups, there's something special in the water in Geneva, Switzerland and their startup scene certainly proves it. Geneva has always been a city which has embraced innovation and technology. With startups geared towards ocean cleanup, cloud data infrastructure, and server monitoring startups. There are just as many historically monumental companies as well which have proven to be foundations for startups to be inspired by. At mindStart, we want to help all of Geneva's startups grow and reach their goals through excellent, outsourced

French Speaking Outsourced Customer Support for Startups

"Parlez-Vous Français?" Are you wanting to break in to the French market but don't want to commit to hiring a full-time, in-house French speaking customer support team? mindStart has the perfect solution for you. We have dedicated French speaking customer support teams here to help you achieve your goals with excellent, outsourced customer service catered to the French speaking market. Read on to learn more about all of our French language support offerings and learn how mindStart can help you expand in to emerging French markets and enhance pre-existing French language support for your growing startup! The Importance of French Around the World French is not only spoken in France, in fact, i

Dutch Speaking Outsourced Customer Support for Startups

"Hoi! Hoi!" Dutch is a language primarily used in The Netherlands (Holland) and we're very excited to offer Dutch-speaking customer support for your growing Netherlands based startup. With mindStart providing customer support for a wide variety of startup's with many languages already supported, we're thrilled to begin offering Dutch customer service options. Read on to learn more about our services and why if you have a growing, Dutch startup and are seeking outsourced customer support; you should contact us! "Dank Je Wel!" Politeness is something we embody here at mindStart and we're always striving to continually improve our excellent customer service operations. When you choose mindStart

German Speaking Outsourced Customer Support for Startups

Speaking German With Your Customers When you are expanding into a new culture, country, or language, you'll always want to embody the qualities with which those who live in that area are comfortable with. In this scenario, that area is Germany and the language is German. At mindStart, we offer excellent, outsourced customer service spoken in German, right here in the US. Our dedicated German language team is here to help you cater to your German customers and help you excel and reach goals you would've otherwise been unable to without German customer service. Read on to learn more about why if you're searching for German speaking customer service for your startup, you need to check out mindS

Outsourced Customer Support for Tampa Startups

Tampa Startups: A New & Exciting Scene The growing and bustling startup scene within the Tampa area is proving to be quite the contender amongst other startup cities and here at mindStart, we're very excited to see what the city has in store for the years to come. Between the great location, the great weather, and the great innovations pouring in around every corner; there's a startup sub-scene within the Tampa area for everyone. Read on to learn more about what Tampa has to offer and how mindStart can help your Tampa-based startup succeed with excellent, outsourced customer service. The Weather Florida has always been known to have some of the best weather for those seeking warmer climates

Outsourced Customer Support for Las Vegas Startups

Las Vegas: Sin City & Startup City Whenever someone thinks of Las Vegas, they think of reckless partying, debauchery, and crazy nights filled with activities you may or may not recall the next morning. However, the city is transforming into a new version of itself, one which harbors growth, sustainability, and exceptional performance geared towards bettering people's lives through startup technology and innovation. Read on to learn more about how Las Vegas will soon enough become a major force within the startup world and how mindStart can help your Las Vegas startup grow and achieve more than you ever thought possible with our excellent, outsourced customer service. A Transformative Process

Outsourced Customer Support for Cincinnati Startups

Customer Support for Cincinnati Startups As Cincinnati, Ohio begins to grow and grow and grow, there are many things which are changing within the city itself. One of the most noticeable, growing components of the city is the ever-increasing startup scene. Within the past ten years, the startup scene throughout the greater Cincinnati area has begun to flourish and it will most likely continue to grow as time passes on, as prices continue to rise in other major startup cities, and as the desire to see greater ROI becomes much more prominent in the startup industry as opposed to the current, yet dwindling, climate of burning through cash as soon as possible. Read on to learn more about the Cin

Outsourced Customer Support for Chicago Startups

Chicago: Transforming into a Startup City Chicago itself is proving to be quite the startup city in the Midwest. There are many, many startups which provide a wide range of services and products out of the greater Chicago area. Read on to discover how mindStart is helping Chicago startups excel with excellent, outsourced customer service and why you should choose mindStart if you're seeking customer service for your Chicago startup! How Chicago Stands Out Chicago is a city which has long been beholden to its great work ethic. It's a city which is known for persevering through tough times and always looking forward to the future through innovation, investment, and integrity. There are many ad

Startup Growth Rate and Customer Service

Is There a Correlation? When your customer service is at 100%, your startup will simultaneously be at 100% for your customer's experience. Once your product, research & development, and overall brand awareness is set forth; you'll begin to see the direct correlation our excellent customer service can have upon your startup's overall success. Read on to learn more about what you can expect when you begin to work with mindStart! Customer Service Matters Many people believe if they have a fantastic product/service, everything else will fall into place. This is not true for the most part. There have been many extremely successful startups who have a lesser capable product/service but provide sup

Startup Customer Service Strategy

Startup Customer Service Strategies: mindStart's Specialty mindStart has long been one of the premier choices for startups seeking customer service strategies and for those looking to better their overall performance within their specific niche. Our customer service strategies have proven to be some of the most successful for startups due to the fact we've always been immersed in the startup culture since the beginning of our formation. We truly understand startups and how excellent customer service is integral to the overall success of your venture. We want to see all startups we work with rise to become some of the most prominent and powerful companies in the world. One of the first steps

How VUZE Camera is Breaking Ground with VR in Space

An Exciting Announcement! mindStart is pleased to announce that VUZE Camera, one of our amazing startup clients, has made leaps and bounds...into outer-space! Yes, you heard that right! VUZE Camera is now officially aboard the International Space Station, providing high-clarity, extreme-HD, VR video for all. We could not be prouder of this historic accomplishment they've achieved and we're looking forward to many more amazing milestones when working with such an awesome startup! Read on to learn more about VUZE Camera and why they chose mindStart. About VUZE Camera VUZE Camera was developed with goal of simplifying virtual reality cameras and allowing the user experience to actually feel lik

Outsourced Customer Support for Sacramento Startups

Sacramento: The Capital of California Being that Sacramento is the capital of California, it makes sense there would be a decent startup scene developing throughout the state's capital. Sacramento has always been a city which has inspired economic activity and growth. There are certain elements of the city itself which allow it maintain a lower profile while still being a magnate for business and startup activity. With the help of mindStart, your startup can become a new pioneer in your respective niche. There are so many advantages to choosing to outsource your customer service to us here at mindStart. Read on to learn more about the benefits and how we plan on helping the Sacramento, Calif

Outsourced Customer Support for Albany Startups

Albany: A Hidden Gem Albany has long been thought of as a sleepy, upstate New York, forested vacation spot for many, up until recently as the city itself has expanded and grown leaps and bounds; especially within the startup community. There are many innovative, exciting ideas and startups coming out of Albany, NY. The city itself will surely attract more talent as time continues to press on. Read on to learn more about how mindStart can help your Albany-based startup succeed with our excellent, outsourced, U.S.-based customer service. The Albany, New York Startup Scene There are many exciting initiatives being made each and every single day within the Albany, NY startup scene and we're so e

Outsourced Customer Support for Seoul Startups

Seoul: A New Leader in Startup Cities Seoul has long been a city which has embodied the identity and essence of technology, yet as of late, the city as a whole has been on its way to becoming a true startup hub. There's a large multitude of startups being developed and succeeding spectacularly every single month in the capital of South Korea. With all of this economic activity, there's a growing need for outsourced customer service options to best handle the exponential growth being experienced by a large majority of the startups in the greater Seoul area. Read on to learn how mindStart plans to help Seoul startups with our excellent, outsourced customer service options and how we can help y

Creating a Customer Service Team for Startups

Creating a Customer Service Team: Startup Edition When creating a customer service team, there are several factors you must consider to ensure your team is well-prepared to handle any and all occasions, good or bad, which may arise. Creating a team requires due diligence and understanding of which qualities will allow your startup to successfully grow and which qualities you'll want to avoid in a customer service team. With mindStart, you'll be able to rest easy knowing your customer service is being handled by a dedicated team of customer representatives who have your startup's best interests in mind. Read on to learn more about the process and how mindStart can help your startup create a c

Outsourced Customer Support for Phoenix Startups

Phoenix, Arizona: A New Startup Hub For those of us who have been to Phoenix, we know it's HOT weather-wise during the warmer months of year, but it's also a HOT area for startups at the moment. Between the low cost-of-living, the accessibility to local talent, the favorable weather, and the ease of starting up a new business; Phoenix, Arizona has proven to be a contending force within the startup community. Read on to learn more about how the startup scene in the greater Phoenix area is evolving and how mindStart plans to help with our excellent, U.S.-based, outsourced customer service! The Startup Scene in Phoenix, AZ Phoenix has many advantages as previously mentioned, yet one of the stro

Should a US Startup Outsource Customer Service?

Should Your U.S.-Based Startup Outsource Customer Service? Outsourcing has become increasingly popular amongst many companies who are seeking solutions for their exponential growth and expansion. Outsourcing customer service can seem to be a somewhat scary choice when you've heard many horror stories regarding outsourced customer service. With everything from delays in communication, language barrier issues, and timezone complications complicating the overall process it's no wonder why many are avoidant of outsourcing. With mindStart, we're based in the U.S., specifically Austin, Texas. Nearly all of our customer support representatives hold a college degree and speak multiple languages to c

Customer Service Role in a Successful Startup

Customer Service Plays a Huge Role in a Startup's Success Often times, many people will believe customer service will just take care of itself, especially startups. The main line of thinking is when the time comes, you'll be able to "figure it out" when a customer service issue arises. It would be better to be properly prepared for the worst-case scenario instead of reacting on a whim. mindStart can help you accomplish your customer service goals and help your startup be recognized within your niche as putting the customer first. This process will only further increase your word-of-mouth marketing initiatives and propel you into greater, future success. Choosing Customer Service First When i

How to Have Efficient Customer Service as a Startup

Efficiency is Key in a Startup When you're a startup, the phrase "time is money" is amplified by a thousand. There are so many intricate, little things to take care of on a daily basis and before you know it, you'll have spent over a few hours on what should've taken no time at all due to the simple fact that you're overwhelmed with stress and the underlying objective: seeing spectacular success with your startup! Read on to learn why mindStart is the choice of startups who are looking for an alternative to having to deal with the intricate, often complicated, phenomenon which is customer service. Saving Your Startup Time & Money When you choose mindStart, you're choosing an outsourced custo

Startup Entrepreneurs Seeking Customer Service

Are You a Startup Entrepreneur? If you're an entrepreneur engaged and involved in the startup community, you'll want to read on to learn more about how mindStart is helping startups all around the world with excellent, outsourced customer service. Our process, methods, and overall strategy when working with our clients is to embody each and every part of the startup we're working with so we're able to be the best customer support representatives we can possibly be when communicating with your customers. If you're a startup entrepreneur seeking customer service, we want to learn all about you and your company! Entrepreneurs Need Help Too As an entrepreneur, there are days where you feel invin

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