CES 2018: mindStart's Experience

CES 2018: Let the Journey Begin As frequent attendees of CES 2018, we've found our journey to the world-renowned conference to be one which has become better and better, each and every year. There are so many advantages to attending such a conference and we've found our experience to always be a worthwhile venture. With that being said, lets dive into how much fun we had at this year's CES and we hope you enjoy our glimpse into one of the world's best tech conferences! Technology at Its Best CES has always been know for being one of the most innovative technology conferences, yet this year was better than ever before. Everything from robotic fish, to VR headsets, to next-generation massage c

Startup Customer Service Platforms

The Best Customer Service Platforms for Your Startup Often times, the "best" is subjective, yet within customer service, we can all agree that the "best" is someone who provides excellent customer service, day-in, day-out and is able to properly solve the customer's inquiries in an efficient fashion. There are many benefits when working with a group who happens to employ customer service agents who embody these characteristics and traits. Thankfully, when you decide to outsource your customer service to mindStart, you're choosing a company which holds all of the above qualities and excels at performance-based customer service initiatives. Between our U.S.-based location, our multilingual sta

How are You Handling Customer Service While at CES 2018?

CES 2018 & Customer Service With CES 2018 approaching next week, it's important to have a plan while you're away at the conference to handle the customer service aspect of your growing startup. In this article we'll be discussing some of the advantages to having an outsourced customer service team with mindStart, especially when you and your fellow staff members are traveling on the conference circuit. Read on to learn more about why mindStart is able to handle your customer service as naturally as your experienced employees and have the excellent results you'd expect from a top-tier service such as ours. Handling Inquiries While You're Away When you're away on a trip to a conference, and if

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