Text Message Customer Support

Texting: The New Wave of Customer Support Texting has long been a preferred communication method when engaging amongst one another through our digital devices. There are several forms of text messaging we communicate through and they all serve a purpose, yet how do they align with the ever-expanding customer support consumers and users expect? At mindStart, we're always on the brink of new and exciting forms of customer support. We're here to help your startup grow and reach new heights, even through text message customer support. Read on to learn more about our methods of providing excellent, U.S.-based, outsourced customer support! Social Media Messaging Social media is a huge component of

Outsourced Customer Service for Financial Product Startups

Finance is Everywhere While we operate within our day-to-day lives, there is one constant which seems to prevail no matter how much, or how little we do with our day-to-day tasks and that is finance. Finance runs the world and there are many benefits and negatives to the concept itself depending on who you ask. Regardless of your stance on finance, it's difficult to ignore the amazing innovations being completed on a seemingly daily basis. In this piece we'll be discussing how traditional financial vehicles are intersecting with modern-day technology. Enjoy! Where Old Meets New Finance itself has existed ever since the dawn of time in one way, shape, or form. In our present day, there are a

How Customer Service Works

MindStart's Customer Service Customer service can be a difficult beast to maintain. There are a multitude of reasons as to why customer service can go wrong and they primarily consist of lack of communication, efficiency, and effectiveness. Here at mindStart, we truly embody communication, efficiency, and effectiveness to the utmost degree. Read on to learn more about why you should choose mindStart to see the success you deserve in the form of excellent, outsourced customer service based right here in the United States. Clear Communication Clear communication is key in any relationship, yet it's especially important for those interactions involving your growing customer base. Communication

Customer Support Job Titles: mindStart's Analysis

Customer Support Job Titles: We're a Team Anyone who has ever worked in a team environment where one must be a team player to succeed will often notice there are specific titles which provide focus, clarity, and clear goals on what should be achieved by the person with said title. In this post we'll be discussing how mindStart operates within our very own system when it comes to providing excellent, outsourced customer service. Read on to learn how through the power of a structured hierarchy, we're able to help your startup reach its goals and new heights! Customer Support Representative A customer support representative is here to help you with maintaining and accelerating your overall cust

Advantages of Excellent Customer Service

Advantages of High-Quality Customer Service High-quality customer service can be a rarity nowadays. There are so many advantages of excellent customer service which extend way beyond the initial benefits. mindStart is a company which provides those exact benefits, and more! Read on to learn how with our excellent, U.S.-based, outsourced customer service you'll be seeing said advantages of our excellent customer service in real time. Higher Customer Retention Rate One of the biggest problems many startups face besides acquiring new customers is retaining those new customers over time. Having excellent customer service is one of the easiest ways to increase retention rates of said customers. E

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