Supervisor Customer Support

Searching for Supervisor Level Customer Support? At mindStart, we know how to offer some of the best outsourced customer support in many forms, yet our customer support is the equivalent of having multiple supervisory level customer support managers all working diligently for your startup. Our team of dedicated customer support representatives are here to help you succeed in all facets of your startup through our excellent customer service methods. Read on to learn why mindStart is a company worth choosing when it comes to excellent, outsourced customer support for your growing startup. Our Quality of Service Our quality of customer service for our clients and their customers is some of the

Outsourcing Customer Service Training

Training Your Customer Service Representatives At mindStart, we offer a plethora of customer support options and our staff is available for your growing startup and its wide variety of needs. You may be searching for outsourcing customer service training, yet with our offerings here at mindStart, we're able to have our highly-trained staff adapt to your company's persona, style, tone, and branding. Read on to learn why if you're considering outsourcing your customer service training, you should consider choosing mindStart for your full-service customer support! Our Onshore Customer Support Onshore customer support is becoming more and more popular as many companies have realized it's worth i

Outsourced Customer Service for Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements in 2018 Dietary supplements are becoming quite popular in our current year of 2018 and there are many companies looking to compete with one another for the top spot of being THE dietary supplement for a number of different needs. What happens when there are a large number of startups all competing for the top spot? An ultra-competitive niche begins to form! We at mimdStart will help you stand out from the crowd through our excellent, outsourced customer support offerings and have your startup be recognized for its premium customer service. Read on to learn more about how with our customer support, your dietary supplement startup will be considered a serious and awesome pl

Pay By the Hour Customer Support

Pay By the Hour Customer Support: Advantages The advantages of pay by the hour customer support range far and wide. The main advantage is obviously the flexibility and functionality this feature allows you to have. If you have an estimate of your anticipated hours you'll utilize in the future for customer support, you won't have to worry about paying too much and you won't have to stress about underutilizing the services offered. Paying by the hour places you right in the optimal spot to best utilize all of the benefits of a premier, outsourced customer support group such as mindStart without the commitment of a monthly retainer focused program. Pay By the Hour Customer Support: Disadvantage

How to Be a Better Customer Service Rep

How to Be a Better Customer Service Representative Being better at something nearly always requires practice, diligence, and commitment to actually being a better version of your previous self. In order to be a better customer service representative, you must employ the following steps in order to begin seeing results which will assist you in your pursuit of being the best you can possibly be. Learn more from mindStart in this brief guide and learn why being, and doing, better is what will ultimately help you succeed in all facets of life. Setting Goals Setting a realistic, yet ambitious goal can prove to be one of the best methods to bettering yourself in customer service. It can be anythin

Customer Service Greeting Examples

Customer Service Greetings Examples: mindStart's Perspective A first impression is one of the most important moments in most occasions throughout life. This rings true especially within the customer service industry. Many individuals are able to judge and form a general expectation of the service they;ll receive upon the first few seconds of an interaction. For this reason, and many more, it's vital to provide all customers with excellent greetings. In this post we'll be discussing some of the best (and easiest to implement) greetings you can provide to your customers. Enjoy! "Hello, thank you for contacting [Company Name], how may we help you today?..." This opening customer service greetin

Why is Consistency Important in Customer Service?

"Consistency is Key" You have most likely heard the above phrase more than once in your life and it's true! Consistency truly is key to success across all facets of life. When you're consistent in anything whether it's practicing a sport, researching a new field of study, paying your mortgage on time to avoid mortgage after bankruptcy, etc...; you'll find life is much more easier when you embody the characteristics of being consistent. Consistency is essentially what it takes to succeed in anything in life. Read on to learn why consistency in customer support is one of the best qualities you can possess within a growing startup. Consistency is the Key to Success It's often been said multiple

Top Traits for Customer Service

Top Traits for Customer Service: mindStart's Perspective If you've been searching for the top traits for customer service, you've come to the right place! Within mindStart, we embody the top traits for customer service across the board. We have the excellency you can expect from a company such as ours along with the qualified and courteous support representatives to best guide your startup towards success. Read on to learn how with our expertise and know-how, we'll be able to help you transform your startup into an efficient and effective machine which handles inquiries on a real-time basis with the utmost care. Courtesy Everyone enjoys a courteous response wherever they may be inquiring to,

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