Again, Great Customer Experience is the Grail

Without great customer service great businesses can falter. Startup and new businesses can fail. And because many companies are so focused on creating and delivering great products and services, the great customer service can get lost or sent offshore. Great customer service is the driving force of mindStart and we do it all from Austin,TX. And we're experienced in engaging and motivating the kind of people to balance your CX and EX on customer service. Read On. CX AND EX (CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AND EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE) Customer service and customer experience (CX) have become as hot of topics as any in business. Owners of small businesses and leaders of the largest companies recognize the imp

Where to Get Outsourced Customer Service?

Outsourced Customer Service Sources There are many outsourced customer service options available across the world, yet which one is right for your growing startup? Whether you're searching for a custom-catered solution or a broad-spectrum quick fix for your growing number of daily inquiries; we at mindStart are able to produce and provide the solution you're seeking. read on to learn the differences between onshore and offshore outsourced customer support and why you should choose mindStart for your outsourced customer service needs. Offshore, Outsourced Customer Support Offshore, outsourced customer support can come in many forms and be located in many different countries, yet the most comm

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