Onboarding a business process outsourcer? Follow the four “Ts”

mindStart is one of many Business Process Outsourcers (BPO) out there. However, there are a few qualities that set mindStart apart as one of the premier BPOs located in the United States. Zendesk recognizes the value of the BPOs that have these traits and that's why we're excited for our upcoming partnership with them! 1. Team: Treat your outsourced agents as part of your team 2. Training: Develop a comprehensive training program 3. Timeline: Lay out timelines for the short and long term 4. Targets: Set clear, realistic, and measurable targets Building a strong relationship with a BPO is critical to long-term success. These practices are the building blocks of the mindStart Difference. Read

Rep Review: Has the level of customer service gone down over the years?

Often times, the general public doesn't see what goes on behind closed doors with relation to customer service. Here at mindStart, we wanted to engage our own customer service representatives who perform outsourced customer support for our startup partners and get unfiltered answers to common questions. So let's get to it! Has the level of customer service gone down over the years? •“The level of which customer service either by email, chat, or phone as far as VOLUME goes - has gone up. I think this is because it is so easy for someone to call a number or make a quick email for any inquiries they have instead of doing the research on their own for their question. People as a whole are more i

Zendesk Success Story for Multi-Channel Support

Many of our clients along with other industry leaders are leveraging Zendesk as a centralized solution for multi-channel support. As excited as we are to begin our new partnership with Zendesk, we're just as excited to share how others are using the cutting edge software to boost their support needs! As we are on the cusp of the holiday season, we want to share the story of how a timeless organization, The Salvation Army, uses Zendesk Support and Zendesk Talk to solve their growing need to to implement a feature rich help center that serves as a knowledge base not only for IT, but for the entire organization. Salvation Army's goal was to get all the departments on board so that all the docum

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