Scalability and Flexibility with mindStart Customer Service

Two of our newest clients are both legit innovators in their fields of real estate property technology (prop-tech) and luxury goods. They both have been recognized for being the best at what they do, and in a crowded space with many competitors, the recognition is paying off in terms of company growth and product line expansion. This growth requires scalability across many areas of their business, customer support being one.

When they each sought out a company to manage their customer support, they did so with an eye toward that growth, knowing that investing in an enhanced customer experience would help their brand loyalty grow and allow their executive team to focus on product line extensions instead of the number of tickets into their help desk each day.

After two rigorous RFP processes, mindStart was awarded their business. During our 6-week onboarding phase, we reviewed their support history and their growth trajectory and came up with a plan that would support them each step of the way.

For our prop-tech client, we started off with four full-time dedicated customer service associates (CSA). These “real estate advisors” quickly learned that this role was far more intricate than the usual call-center type of inbound activity, as mindStart was asked to help engage and nurture clients along their home-buying journey with outbound communications also. The success this company has found over the past 18 months has enabled them to expand into new markets. Of course, this growth will also mean more customers and more demand for advisors. mindStart has a data-driven process that watches our teams’ capacity and ability to meet current service level agreements (SLA). As inbound volume increases, we begin our hiring process to have new advisors fully trained and ready to join this client’s dedicated CSA team before customers notice any delay in mindStart’s responsiveness.

The luxury goods category is more seasonal. While year-over-year growth happens, it typically happens more cyclically, with the majority of sales – and therefore customer inquiry – occurring in the holiday season. For this reason, our client has the option to add mindStart’s flexible agent pricing structure, which gives them access to CSRs who are trained on their business but not solely dedicated to their business. In addition to their dedicated CSR, this shared system can help them maintain a standard level of quality but with a lower cost, as it taps into mindStart’s nearshore call center outposts in South America.

Regardless of the industry, it’s clear that mindStart can flex to broaden or tighten our manpower based on the needs of YOUR business.