Clients Making Big News! Oprah and TIME Approve!

December 2, 2019

Oprah Favorite Things - Katana

It’s that time of the year! Holiday season! Thanksgiving feasts, Hanukkah treats, Christmas spirit, and so much more! But to many of our clients, this means Black Friday and Cyber Monday craziness! As customer support inquiries increase tenfold, two of our clients received some special press spots in the news.

Oprah tasted, tested, and picked from all the best gadgets and gifts and narrowed the field down to her 107 favorite things for 2018. One of our clients, Katana Safety, made the list with their Katana Safety Arc!

Gayle King, of CBS This Morning, described the invention as “… a panic button, it’s a GPS tracker, it’s a line to local law enforcement. You can have a loud and silent alarm that bypasses even a locked screen. God forbid, we don’t ever want to need it, but if we do it attaches right to your phone.”

Boosted Board Best Invention of the Year

Not to be outdone, Boosted Boards was ranked as one of the best inventions of 2018 by none other than TIME Magazine. The Boosted Mini is shorter and lighter than its competitors, making it easier to carry inside when riders arrive at their destination. And it can still maintain speeds of up to 20 m.p.h. Boosted CEO Jeff Russakow maintains that the Mini is an important step toward a less car-dependent future: it’s “a Tesla you can throw in your backpack.”

mindStart is proud to offer the highest quality of outsourced customer support for both of these innovative companies. With great relationships and expanding needs, we are happy to scale up our services for Katana Safety and Boosted Boards as their businesses continue to grow. Check out our solutions and see how mindStart can support your company too! We hope to partner with you and see you at the top of these lists next year!