Customer Experience = Company Reputation

March 14, 2019

Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines, knew that if he made his employees happy, he would


too. A savvy entrepreneur, Kelleher knew that his employees were as much a part of his product as the seats and routes because they created the experience.

He created a culture that catered more to employees than to customers to ensure the creation of a loyal and satisfied base of customers.

Customer satisfaction is perhaps the single most important aspect of reputation and a tough one for new businesses to maintain. When you’re neck deep in product development, marketing, selling, delivery, and operations, building a strong customer service operation can be a challenge. However, providing poor customer service can do serious damage to your reputation and will show up on your bottom line.

Yes, there can be some reluctance to outsource a function as important as customer service, but outsourcing cost centers can be a great way to stay focused on what’s bringing in the dollars. Experienced customer care services providers, like mindStart, respond to your customer quickly, efficiently, and completely. Agents are trained by your team, just as you would train internal personnel. They undergo intensive training and supervision to ensure proficiency before they take the first call.

With a complete contact center infrastructure in place from day one, your customers get questions answered in their preferred way: via phone, chat, email, or video chat. Additionally, dedicated agents provide proactive customer service by monitoring social media and the web for negative or questioning comments and reaching out directly to the customer to solve or mitigate the issues. You’ll have access to a dashboard so you can monitor the activity.

Outsourcing customer service doesn’t mean off-loading. With the right provider, the customer experience translates into customer satisfaction, and your reputation is safe.