Mind Team Rocks

June 15, 2017

Thanks for clicking on our QR Code! We love our employees and their network… even if it’s just the guy behind you in line at HEB who clicked on the back of your shirt, or your sister’s friend’s boyfriend’s mother’s dogsitter that wanted to learn more about what you do for a living – WELCOME TO THE MIND FAMILY!

Mindglobal – you guys are the absolute best at finding ways to save our customers time and $$$ that impact their productivity and bottom lines

mindStart – y’all rock at increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction by taking the time to show your enthusiasm and endless patience with solving problems

You’re cool. You’re technical. You’re nice. You love the latest thing. Put your passion to work for some of the world’s most technologically innovative companies. Want to help people? Want to work alongside the best? Email us your resume or LinkedIn profile URL and we’ll be happy to talk about where your skills would fit with our open roles.

For our mindStart outsourced customer support roles — info@gomindstart.com

For our Mindglobal telecom expense management roles — admin@mindglobal.com