Near-shore Team Added to Aid In Client Growth and Bi-Lingual Customer Support 

May 5, 2021

Recently, mindStart opened a near-shore office in Guadalajara, Mexico with a team of customer service agents to its arsenal, signaling both expansion into new markets as well as a more diverse staff, to better support changes in client preferences and needs. 

“After more than seven years with our customer service agent team solely based in Austin, TX, we are pleased to welcome our newest agents into our team. We know that the value, from expanded hours to multi-lingual options, will be recognized by our clients and their customers. After all, helping to develop loyal and repeat customers for our clients is the cornerstone of how all of our agents are trained.” David Wise, founder and Co-CEO of mindStart. 

mindStart’s Guadalajara office has been operational since the beginning of 2021.  As we proved successful in 2020, we have been able to expand and build upon our remote and online platforms for training and reporting.  This has allowed a seamless integration of our new team members, regardless of their location.  We always strive to add bright people, who take initiative to solve problems, are technologically savvy, and put the client and customer first.  Our strategic expansion with the team in Guadalajara, Mexico has allowed us to not only provide native language bilingual support but has given the ability to hire from the vast talent pool that resides in what is know as the “Silicon Valley” of Mexico.

Whatever your customers need – bilingual, 24x7x365, phone, chat, social, email – mindStart aims to deliver. With some of the highest CSAT scores in the industry, and an expanding footprint, we were built to grow along with our clients.