Rep Review: Has the level of customer service gone down over the years?

October 3, 2020

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Often times, the general public doesn’t see what goes on behind closed doors with relation to customer service. Here at mindStart, we wanted to engage our own customer service representatives who perform outsourced customer support for our startup partners and get unfiltered answers to common questions.

So let’s get to it!

Has the level of customer service gone down over the years?

•“The level of which customer service either by email, chat, or phone as far as VOLUME goes – has gone up. I think this is because it is so easy for someone to call a number or make a quick email for any inquiries they have instead of doing the research on their own for their question. People as a whole are more impatient than ever before with the internet and amount of information at their fingertips. They want their issues resolved immediately.”

•”In terms of QUALITY, I think it has stayed the same and not gone down. I have some customer service experiences (being the customer) that are great and some that are bad. We have such a NEED for customer service and we also have so many more tools and tracking systems than we did in the past that helps customers even more. Using an outsourcing center, especially one based domestically in the United States like mindStart, is beneficial because we are here for support as much as the client needs us to be. All of our efforts help our clients retain their business. This enables our clients to focus on other large components of their business.”

•“Often times, with huge companies in particular, they will hire just about anyone. Thus the reason the representatives over the phone often sound completely miserable. Clients who use mindStart for their customer service outsourcing can be rest assured we hire the best people with the best personalities who truly care for their customers.”

There are so many benefits to outsourcing, especially for startups and SMBs. These types of companies are always scaling, both up and down, whether it’s due to seasonality, PR coverage, or simply due to the unknown of being a relatively new business. There’s no real way to scale your company if you’re too busy answering repetitive, “Tier 1” inquiries all day when you should be focusing on strategy and growth.

As you can see from our representatives’ responses, mindStart is so much more than a “call center.” 100% based (management and agents alike) in beautiful Austin, TX, one of the top startup hubs in the United States, we specialize in partnering with startups and SMBs due to our ability to scale quickly. Over 90% of our agents have U.S. college degrees, and as you can see, they understand the industry and truly care!