Onshore vs Offshore Call Centers

There is no bigger topic in the customer service market these days than offshore outsourcing. As a call center provider that offers both options, Perfect Pitch Tech is a neutral party in this ongoing discussion. Each type of call center has its own advantages and disadvantages. The differences between offshore and onshore are cost, location, and language.

Based on the price, location, and the language skills that the company looks for, offshore call centers could be a better alternative than onshore. First and foremost, the cost. It is obvious that an offshore call center is cheaper than onshore call center. This is because the cost to operate a call center offshore is a lot cheaper than operating a call center in the U.S. Some countries can offer incredibly cheap rates because their national wages are low. This does not necessarily mean an offshore call center is worse than an onshore call center.

Secondly, the location of the call center also change the cost to outsource it. It is quite expensive to rent an office space to operate the call center. The cost to operate a call center in other countries is a lot cheaper mainly because of the office space rent. Based on the location of the call center, you will have to consider the accent, as well as cultural and other environmental issues.

Last but not least, onshore customer service representatives speak English and offshore customer service representatives may speak other languages as well. You will also want a call center with minimal or undetectable accents, which allows you to streamline your business without harming your established brand image.

Ask vendors for voice samples, and speak with employees via a Skype video conference. Check to see if the agents are easy to understand and if you can detect any accents. Some companies have a huge customer base that speak different languages and those companies would love to offer extra support for their customers. In that case, an offshore call center is better because of its location and the language skill that the company is looking for. Depending on your company’s need, an offshore call center could be better than having it onshore.

mindStart is 100% based in the USA providing the language, accent, culture and service your customers desire.

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