Customer Service using Chat?

In today's world, people want fast and reliable customer support. They don't want to have to wait on a response. They don't want to spend time on hold. While the preferred option for most people may be self-service automation, undoubtedly the fastest way to service your customers is through a chat medium. Having a trained and efficient customer service representative logged in and ready to resolve problems right as they appear is what your customers want. A chat box is much faster than exchanging emails every couple of hours or making your customers hang on the phone when stuck in a queue. Chat allows customer service representatives to answer just seconds after a question is submitted. There just isn't a more efficient way to connect with your valued customers. It's likely that a representative can get all the information a customer needs to handle a case and resolve it in one touch point through Chat. But what about phone support? Is that not the most effective way to talk a customer through a problem? Phone support is necessary for certain problems, and should never be eradicated totally. But when was the last time a representative was able to have a phone call with six customers at the same time? In Chat, that’s business as usual. Chat easily allows a representative to service several customers at the same time. Now THAT is the kind of efficiency that customers want! Nothing beats chat when it comes to customer satisfaction. No other channel offers the same kind of convenience and effectiveness as a quick chat. It’s the go-to support solution customers pick when facing a problem when online.

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