Don't Miss the Trees for the Forest

Your company just produced the latest and greatest in the emerging tech world. Your focus is on your product: marketing, selling, getting your name out there. All things you learned in business school. And that is important.

The only problem? Who is taking care of your customers? Maybe you only get a few customer service inquiries a day right now. And maybe that is few enough to handle in house. But what do you do when your dreams come true, and your product starts selling more and more? With the increase in sales, your customer service inquiries will undoubtedly double, if not triple. And quickly.

Its easy in this environment to focus only on the forest, that is, only on selling more and more of your cool new product. But without customers, the trees, you can't sell. Without customers you don't have business. Seems obvious enough. But all too often companies miss the trees for the forest. Statistics show that customers who are dissatisfied with a company's customer service department will not think twice about switching to a company who is more available for them.

Partnering with mindStart provides the option of phone, email, chat, and video-based support, 24X7, 8-5 or whenever your customers need it. We will help you with customer satisfaction and retention by providing support whenever, and however your customers prefer.

You focus on the forest. Let mindStart focus on the trees.

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