The Last Man Standing

mindStart partners with companies who are overwhelmed by the volume of support inquiries coming in from their customers. When you think about it, customer support is important. Without customers, there is no business. But the Chief Executive can only answer the phone and serve customers for so long. Eventually customer support begins to take away from running the business. And when something as important as supporting customers either takes attention away from business development, or goes by the wayside the results are harmful for any company.

So chief executives have two options. They either hire a team of people, and buy the technology to support their customers in-house. (And pay an arm and a leg in salary, benefits, and technology costs). Or they outsource the support to a company designed to do it. Like mindStart.

That is exactly why Last Man Standing contacted mindStart. When asked about his experience with mindStart, the creator and Partner of Four at Waterloo, maker of Last Man Standing, a 5 Star rated App stated, "mindStart never lets their client down. I have never had a more positive experience with customer support. Our customer satisfaction rates increased over 50% as a result of prompt support delivered by mindStart. I would highly recommend them to any company looking for outstanding support for their customers.”

You run your business. Allow mindStart to take care of your customers.

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