Fun Facts about CES 2017!

New Year’s Day may be the official start of the near year, but it also means we are one day closer to CES 2017! On Thursday, January 5th the doors to the world’s largest consumer technology trade show will open. But before you board the plane and head to Las Vegas, check out these fun tidbits about CES.

CES attendees are quite the jet-setters! Attendees come from 81 percent of the world’s countries.

The Mona Lisa won’t be at CES, but we’re pretty close. Last year, 68,331 senior level executives attended CES, which is roughly the same number works of art at the Louvre. Your flight to Las Vegas may seem long, but it is shorter than the 3.4 billion miles of business travel completed by attendees. That’s enough to travel 36 round-trips from the Earth to the sun. CES brings Wall Street to Las Vegas. At CES 2016, 32,949 buying organizations were represented. For those counting, that’s 11 times the number of companies on the New York Stock Exchange. We don’t give out gold medals, but CES deserves one for this: about 1,000 more members of the media attended CES 2016 than did the 2016 Olympic Games.

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