One thing makes the biggest difference at mindStart

We've all heard it said and we all know it really is true; People make the difference.

mindStart operates on some fundamental principals that our key to our success. And these come into play only after we ensure we've hired the best people. Our team members come from a variety of educational backgrounds and experiences, but all share a love for technology and hospitality. After a riorous selection process, we train our team on embracing our core components of service delivery:

  • The right people in the right places

  • The power of using a customer’s name

  • Providing hospitality to ensure our customers feel cared for

  • Having a positive impact on all who come in contact with our team

  • Offering a fond farewell

And we operate with a overall decree that “Our hospitality in service sets us apart.” Our goal is to turn Customer Service into Hospitalty Service!

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