What If Customer Service Was Different?

Can we be honest here for a second? Trust us, we get it. Everyone, including us, hates having to call a customer service line. We do EVERYTHING in our power to try and fix our problem ourselves before we have to dial that dreaded number. In 2017, customers are still assuming that the person on the other end of the phone, answering their questions, will be inconsiderate, impatient, and sometimes, just downright rude. This is the case if you can even find a customer service line to call. According to an Aspect Software Customer Experience Survey done is 2015, 73% of consumers want the ability to solve issues on their own and one-third say that they would rather “clean a toilet” than speak to customer service. At mindStart, we’ve become FED UP with this norm of the customer service industry.

But, what if instead of this gloomy reality, calling customer service was not something that you avoided at all costs. What if, instead of trying to discover the solution to your problem by yourself, the first idea you had was to call customer service? What if the words ‘customer service’ summoned memories of great experiences and a smile to go along with them? What if customer service representatives ACTUALLY CARED about what your problems were and what they could do to help solve it? This idea would be revolutionary, and a game-changer to the customer service world as we know it today.

At mindStart, these are exactly the questions we have been asking, and answering. Providing customer service that challenges the norms of the industry is exactly what we have been doing. With a 98% satisfaction rate, mindStart succeeds at wowing our customers. This is thanks to the genuine care and interest our people have in the person that is calling in. This genuine care that we have is what makes us different. We’re not just another call center, and you aren’t just another client, you are family. We believe that with every single answered phone, comes and opportunity to make one person’s day brighter. This belief creates a unique environment for our people and, it really does create a unique experience for our customers.

We want to be the customer support extension of your team as well!

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