Answering Service Customer Support for Small Business

Answering the Phone, Simple, Right?

One would think that efficiently and effectively answering phone calls would be an easy process which anyone and everyone can do, but that is not the case, whatsoever. It’s important to remember the more business your company has, the greater the potential for things to go wrong. When things go wrong, you’ll want to be prepared in the best possible way. mindStart provides assurance and confidence in your business and your customers, knowing they’re receiving an American-based customer service experience while providing a plethora of knowledge from our staff comprised of 90%+ college-educated individuals with a wide range of skills, ranging from foreign languages to IT to psychology; we have you and your business covered!

Some Statistics About Customer Service Experiences

There are many different statistics when evaluating the overall custom service experience and it’s important to remember all customers have an opinion of your business, no matter how mild-mannered or enraged that opinion may be, mindStart is here to offer your customers the best support possible and provide extended solutions to their problems. Below is a list of statistics pertaining to the customer service experience and how mindStart actively engages with your business and customers to improve the overall numbers in your business as well.

-25 out of 26 customers never formally complain before leaving*

This is a really disturbing metric, but it’s so true. If the customer does not feel as though their opinion is being validated in the communications between your company and their product and/or service they purchased, they’ll more often than not just up and quit without saying a word or providing a reason. With mindStart, we place a strong emphasis on providing the best customer support who not only listens attentively but also engages with the customer on a proactive level, leading to a more comfortable environment for the customer to voice their true concerns or issues. This all leads to a better experience for everyone involved and can actively solve problems before they balloon into a whole new beast.

-42% of Businesses Want to Improve Customer Service for Increased Customer Retention*

This goes without saying, but it is an important metric to remember. Keeping a customer and keeping them satisfied is almost always cheaper than spending money on time and resources to acquire new customers. The more customers you can keep satisfied, the more you’ll be able to thrive and mindStart understands that fully. We strive to provide nothing but the best customer service for your business and ensure customer retention rates are at their highest when you work with us.

-33% of Businesses Want to Improve Customer Service for Customer Satisfaction*

At mindStart, we believe this figure should be the highest/majority due to the fact of focusing on customer satisfaction first and foremost leads to increased customer retention rates automatically.

-32% of Businesses Want to Increase Cross-Selling and Up-Selling*

mindStart understands this common goal amongst businesses and focuses on delivering the service required in order to increase cross-selling and up-selling so your business can expand and grow accordingly while still maintaining a steady, calculated growth path. All of this leads to a greater symbiotic relationship between all facets of the customer service and sales process.

mindStart, Overall

With mindStart, you can rely on us for not only being the best answering service for your customers, but also for increasing your company’s growth and success. If you’re ready to take the next step in your answering service customer support for your small, but growing business, contact us and we’ll be sure to respond as soon as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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