mindStart: Starting Your Customer Service Experience On the Right Foot

First Impressions

First impressions are everything in the world of customer service and we at mindStart know this best. We only provide the best, most courteous customer service to our clients and your customers. Through this process of consistently providing excellent customer service we not only stand apart from our competition but we also present amazing first impressions for your customers. First impressions have been studied across consumer interactions and what’s been found is when customer service is excellent, most customers will be much more forgiving if something does happen to go wrong with your service and/or product.

Why Customer Service Matters

Some of the top ranking companies, financially, employ some of the greatest customer service known to humankind. Amazon, Apple, high-end luxury brands, etc… all embody the rule of “The Customer is Always Right”. This goes a long way in today’s day and age where some customers feel as though they're just a part of the cattle, being prodded with poor customer service. When you step in the shoes of the customer, you’re better able to see what is right and what is wrong with your organization and correct it accordingly. At mindStart, our customer service representatives are empathetic, efficient, and provide nothing but positivity when interacting with your customers. Whether it be investigating an issue well beyond the average customer support center or reaching out personally over the phone to confirm an order has shipped successfully; we at mindStart know how to treat your customers right.

When You Choose mindStart, You’re Stepping in the Right Direction

While there are many options to choose from in the field of outsourcing customer service, you can rest assured choosing mindStart will not only help your customers engage with your brand efficiently and effectively but also help your brand become the next big thing! If this sounds like the plan for you, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to explain all of our various options and tiers which will best suit your business model. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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