Video Chat Support is Almost Face-to-Face

You may have heard that the internet and social media are killing face-to-face communication. For customer service centers offering global remote support, they’re making it easier for people to get together via video chat. You can read body language, replicate and issue, and even build a relationship. For many, it’s the preferred way to connect with a customer service agent.

The key to great customer support is leaving the customer better off than when they called so using different channels is key to the experience. Studies suggest that it takes it can take more than words to convey accurate feelings and intentions; body language can make the difference in how we build successful relationships.

One of the tools we have available at mindStart is video chat support. For the agent, communicating with a customer via video chat offers several upsides:

  1. Read Body Language: Body language is a tip-off when the customer calling is frustrated or struggling an issue. When you see head shaking, nail biting, or scowls, take a breath and using a calming tone, ask for more elaboration.

  2. Gain Real-Time Insights: When agents use screen-share, a customer can recreate the steps that caused an issue. Watching how a customer works with a product allows the agent to ferret out things that confuse or exhaust the customer, and identify common mistakes made by multiple customers. With this information the agent can update a knowledge base or share findings with product development.

  3. Agents Witness Satisfied Customers: Great support agents know how to empathize with their customers, which works best when they’re face-to-face. Video helps two people feel closer physically, and lets agents see first-hand how their response is helping. When an agent sees that “Aha!” moment they know the customer is satisfied.

mindStart is big enough to have the experience and knowledge to support your clients, but small enough to provide the individual solutions needed. And, we're always seeking ways to engage with your customers the way they prefer, by phone, email, online, or video chat.

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