Customer Service Skills: What Does It Take to Succeed?

Patience In customer service, you will most likely encounter some very angry and irate customers who are unhappy with the product and/or service you're providing customer support for. When interacting with these individuals who are upset, it's important to demonstrate great levels of patience and persistence to solve their problem, no matter how difficult it may be to actually solve. This style of patience is learned through interaction and after a while, you'll begin to understand none of the anger directed towards you is personal. With that being said, let's discuss how listening skills play a huge part in having great customer service skills.

Listening Skills

Truly listening is an art form. When someone actively listens and comprehends what the customer is saying and caters a crafted response to their inquiry, the customer will appreciate the truly custom-catered response and in turn, the situation will be deescalated. This will allow everyone involved to find a solution much more efficiently.

Empathy With mentioning how you should never take anything personally when interacting with customers, it's also important to note you should be empathetic with these customers. When someone demonstrates true empathy, the customer will most likely respond positively and realize the only way to solve their problem is to let the customer service associate properly address the issue and determine the next best course of action.

In-Depth Knowledge of the Product When an outsourced customer service associate understands the ins and outs of a product they're providing support for, they'll be better equipped to handle any and all issues which may arise over time. This can range from the proper tone and cadence when addressing customers to the having thorough knowledge of the different variations of a popular product and how each variation operates. Overall, knowledge is power and when you have more power at your disposal as a customer service associate, you'll be able to better perform your job.

Being Educated Education is key in any position, especially in customer service. "Education" can be obtained in many different forms: college, work experience, researching online, etc... Our primary focus here at mindStart with our customer service employees is recruiting college-educated employees as we've found those who have a 4-year college degree tend to be, on average, better employees for the work we do for our clients. When you have a highly educated workforce, they're bound to be better at finding solutions for difficult problems.

Being a Good Person Overall, the best customer service associates are those who are genuinely good people. The people who exhibit genuine qualities will translate those same character traits through the tone of their voice, the word choice they use, and their overall demeanor. All of these characteristics lend to creating an excellent customer service experience. If you are searching for excellent customer service and are struggling to make it work in-house, reach out to us at mindStart for outsourced customer service solutions and you'll be glad you did!

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