Outsourced Customer Support for Berlin Startups

Berlin: The Startup Epicenter of Germany

Berlin is a city which is constantly encompassed with thriving startups in all sectors of the business world. There are plenty of new and exciting areas of innovation, technology, and enhanced experiences through the power of apps, SaaS, and software; all waiting to be consumed by the masses, eager to better their lives through technological advancement. Read on to learn why the powerhaus which is Berlin, is certainly a city to look out for in the world of startup culture and innovation

Historical Significance

Berlin has always been a city with an abundance of history and always something to learn about. There's everything from the infamous Berlin Wall to the Fernsehturm (TV Tower), there's so much culture and history waiting to be viewed and taken in. This historical significance of the city of Berlin allows a creative mind to become even more creative due to inspiration around every corner. As a startup employee or owner, it's important to take a break and see the sights and sounds of your surroundings. Berlin offers the perfect level of escapism in a city environment. You're able to visit art gallery exhibits, parks, rivers, and more. All of this lends a sense of serenity to a rapidly expanding, busy city.

Innovation Around Every Corner

When we say there's innovation around every corner, we mean it. There are currently 2,565 companies and 3,711 investors in the city of Berlin. This ratio of startups to investors is the perfect balance to harbor an environment where growth is a guarantee and innovation is bound to occur. Due to there being more investors than startups in Berlin, it creates a scenario where a startup can be more selective of who they do business with. This also creates a sense of urgency for the investors to pick a winning company to invest their valuable dollars in. With so many startups, Berlin is bound to be one of the biggest and best startup cities all throughout Europe.

High Level of Investment

Many investors are scrambling to set up shop in Berlin and it's for good reason. Overall startup investment has increased by $1,000,000,000 (yes, that's a billion) in just on year's time. Berlin is one of the most successful startup cities by growth standards so far this year and it is surely going to increase as time goes on. With this strong level of investment, we're bound to see some amazing products, services, and SaaS come out of the city.

Low Cost of Living

With all of this investment, innovation, and productivity; one would think the average cost-of-living in Berlin would be among the highest in the world when in fact, it's not. Rent prices are still extremely low when compared to other major, European cities and the cost of most daily goods and services are relatively cheap on the grand scale of everything. It's truly an amazing time to be in Berlin and running a startup. The cost-of-living is low and the quality of life is high.

How mindStart Can Help your Berlin Startup Succeed

At mindStart, we've helped startups all around the world succeed and reach their goals through our excellent, outsourced customer support. If you're searching for English, German, French, Spanish, or nearly any other language for your outsourced customer support, contact us! We're based in Austin, Texas and our customer support representatives are here in the U.S. as well. We're looking forward to hearing from you soon and are excited to help take your startup to the next level with our excellent, outsourced customer support.

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