Benefits of an After-Hours Answering Service

We'll Be There

One of the main complaints customers will provide when asked for feedback will be the common complaint of: "Why are you not open?". In 2017, this is a valid complaint. The competition within so many industries is ruthless. If you can stand apart from the competition with something as simple as offering after-hours, 24/7 customer support, why not? When you're open to help a disgruntled customer solve their issue with your company, you'll most likely receive much more positive feedback than if said customer were to be redirected to nothing more than an answering machine with no human interaction. Now more than ever, it's important to have an after-hours answering service to be an outlier amongst your competition.

Rise Above the Competition

Nothing is worse than attempting to resolve an issue with a product or service during your free time and be told there's no one available to answer your call or return your email. It becomes a truly frustrating process and will only lead to your customers being enraged with the quality of service. You may even lose a lifelong customer due to not being able to answer their inquiry in a timely fashion. This is often the "last straw" for many users of a product or service. A company which operates 24/7 and has amazing customer service is Amazon. This is one of the main reasons so many people decide to do business with Amazon; their amazing customer service which operates round the clock. With mindStart, you'll be able to rise above the competition and be the go-to product and/or service in your niche due to your customers knowing you're the best at what you do!

Choose mindStart, Today!

With mindStart, you'll be able to see the positive effect an after-hours answering service will have on your sales, your brand awareness, and your overall success in the world of business. If all of this sounds like the next step you need to take in order to stand apart and better your brand, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help your company grow via an amazing after-hours answering service and excellent, outsourced customer service. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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