Can You Run a Startup Without Customer Service?

Running a Startup Without Customer Service...

Running a startup without customer service is certainly something you can choose to do, but what if something goes wrong? A product breaks, a software update has a bug, you have a billing error for all of your subscribers? These scenarios, and many more, are certainly something which can spiral out of control if you don't have a customer service solution in place, ready to go. This is where mindStart comes in and we'll be able to help your customer service efforts, every step of the way. Read on to learn why mindStart is your customer support solution for your growing startup.


Being consistently great with your customer service is not only an amazing attribute to possess as a startup, it's a necessity nowadays. With mega-corporations such as Amazon setting the stage with modern, online customer service; you need to be on their level. With mindStart's dedicated customer service team, your startup will have those same, amazing qualities, and more! Consistency is key and mindStart is truly consistent with all endeavors!


"Quality over quantity" as they say. This mindset is heavily engrained throughout mindStart. We never want to take on more than we can chew and we'll always have a special place for your startup here within our facilities. When we have dedicated customer service representatives for your unique startup, we're able to provide an extremely high quality of service where your customers will be able to notice the individual approach we provide to each and every one of the startups we work with.


mindStart is based right here in the United States within beautiful Austin, Texas. We do not outsource any of our customer service efforts or processes. We enjoy being one of the few outsourced customer service providers who has remained within the United States. Due to our domestic logistics, we're able to keep a better handle on quality control and have your customers recognize the difference U.S.-based customer service can make.


mindStart overall is an excellent choice for your outsourced customer service efforts. We never take "okay" or "good enough" as an option. We only accept "excellence" and we plan on keeping things that way. Our customer service representatives are consistently undergoing ongoing training to better their abilities and create a stronger workforce under the mindStart name.

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If you've enjoyed reading this post about why you technically can run a startup without customer service, but should choose to utilize mindStart; contact us! We'll be happy to walk you through all of our customer service operations and further explain how we can better your startup through our excellent, outsourced customer service. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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