CES 2018: mindStart's Experience

CES 2018: Let the Journey Begin

As frequent attendees of CES 2018, we've found our journey to the world-renowned conference to be one which has become better and better, each and every year. There are so many advantages to attending such a conference and we've found our experience to always be a worthwhile venture. With that being said, lets dive into how much fun we had at this year's CES and we hope you enjoy our glimpse into one of the world's best tech conferences!

Technology at Its Best

CES has always been know for being one of the most innovative technology conferences, yet this year was better than ever before. Everything from robotic fish, to VR headsets, to next-generation massage chairs. The possibilities seemed endless. The major benefit of the conference as well as the sheer number of amazing startups and full-fledged companies intermingling with one another. We're always seeking new and innovative companies to develop relationships with and we have to say we met some amazing groups of people representing amazing companies. This is where some of the greatest minds in the world gather and we're so happy to have attended such a spectacular event and we are ecstatic to show you some of our favorite booths, exhibits, products, and technology. Enjoy!

All in All, a Great Time!

As you can see from above, we had a fantastic time participating in CES 2018. We hope you had a wonderful time as well if you attended and if you didn't, make sure to check it out next year! We hope to see you there!

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