Customer Service Job Description: What Does the Job Entail?

mindStart's Take On the Customer Service Job Description

Being a customer service representative requires many unique qualities, all wrapped up in one persona. Throughout this piece we'll be discussing the qualities which will help you stand apart from the rest of the pack within the customer service job itself. We at mindStart offer a variety of outsourced customer service solutions, specifically for startups. We've found our customer service representatives to be top-tier amongst the industry and we could not be prouder of the work they complete on a daily basis. Below we'll provide a guide of what you can expect when encountering one of our excellent customer service representatives and how when excellent service is combined with excellent people, there are exponentially stronger results overall.

Positive Attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude throughout your workflow is key for productivity and promoting a positive experience for the customers you encounter over the phone, chat, email, etc... When you're positive, the energy exuding from you tends to transcend across to the person you're communicating with and this in turn creates an experience which promotes greater customer service all around. A positive attitude is said to be infectious; in a good way. Let the good vibes flow and be the most positive person you can be; it will pay off immensely.

Polite Tone of Voice

Tone is everything within verbal communication and we as humans can pick up on when someone is in a particular mood, regardless of what they're actually saying. Tone projects a certain energy and when that energy is negative, it can create a truly negative experience for customers. Turn that tone into a passionate, helpful, positive tone and you'll see much higher satisfaction rates when your customers are surveyed.

"Can-Do" Attitude

A sense of accomplishment is achieved when you've already completed the task at hand within your mind. When you visualize success, it naturally becomes a part of you. Visualizing a successful customer service experience will automatically set the communication off on the right foot. Remove "can't" from your vocabulary and replace it with "can" and you'll be a true doer who accomplishes goals in an efficient and timely fashion.

Properly Navigating the Conversation

There are certain communications or conversations which will certainly go south, real quick. An enraged customer calls the customer support line to simply vent their frustration with the product and/or service. As the customer support representative, you're the one who ends up having to take the brunt of their frustration. Don't take it personally, instead, navigate the conversation down the right path with selective phrasing which deescalates the situation in a rapid, professional manner. Phrasing such as "Yes, Sir/Mam, I understand the frustration you're going through and I'm here to help!" is much better than "Don't yell at me!". Over time, you'll determine the best ways to deescalate a situation which works for you. Everyone is unique and everyone has a particular style of communicating. Find your unique way and you'll be prepared for whatever style of phone call, message, email, etc... which happens to come your way.

Choose mindStart for your Outsourced Customer Service Needs

When you choose to work with mindStart, you're choosing to see success at a much more rapid rate than hiring in-house, customer support representatives whom you'll have to train and provide expensive benefits for. Our competitive pricing places highly-trained, excellently-educated customer support representatives right alongside your growing startup so you're able to expand without having to worry about managing a whole customer support team. Contact us to learn more about our U.S.-based, onshore customer service options, today!

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