How Does Outsourced Customer Service Work?

How Does Outsourced Customer Service Work at mindStart?

Outsourced customer service is often thought of as a logistically-distanced and inconveniently positioned addition to a company's operations and customer success management. Here at mindStart, we're transforming that notion into a series of successful demonstrations of how valuable outsourced customer service can be when performed correctly. Read on to learn more about our methods, techniques, operations, and overall performance when you choose to work with mindStart over other outsourced customer service companies.

Our Methods

At mindStart, we always focus on the client (you and your startup) first and foremost. We embody your style, tone, design, and flow to best integrate the overall processes you'd expect from your very own staff and personnel. This method, combined with our excellently educated customer support representatives will yield the results you're seeking without having to manage a full-fledged team of customer support representatives on a daily basis.

Our Techniques

Our techniques consist of clear, concise communication efforts paired with the distinct clarity of our advanced ticketing system to best manage all aspects of the inbound inquiry process for your past, present, and future customers. We've worked with many startups to best define the approach they'd prefer and with our combined experience amongst our staff and the technical knowledge of what is involved with customer support on a startup level. We're able to set goals, achieve said goals, and advance you to the next steps in your journey towards future success.

Our Operations

Our operations are defined by our commitment to quality customer support housed right here within our beautiful Austin, Texas offices. Nearly all of our customer support staff are college-educated with excellent social skills formatted to your startup's unique needs and structure. With our staff consisting of in-house individuals, we're able to monitor quality control on a real-time, first-person basis while providing ongoing, valuable training to our customer support team to ensure they're always operating at 100% efficiency.

Our Overall Performance

Our overall performance is constructed of efficiency, effectiveness, and excellent customer care for your growing startup where your customers' experience will be engaging, enhanced, and professionally managed from start to finish. We strive to offer all of our clients the best performance possible and through this objective, we're able to customize our customer service efforts to handle multiple languages, multiple time-zones, and multiple niches where we separate your customers' experience from the rest of your competition with our top-tier performance. Feel free to contact us and we'll be sure to reply to your inquiry as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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