How VUZE Camera is Breaking Ground with VR in Space

An Exciting Announcement!

mindStart is pleased to announce that VUZE Camera, one of our amazing startup clients, has made leaps and bounds...into outer-space! Yes, you heard that right! VUZE Camera is now officially aboard the International Space Station, providing high-clarity, extreme-HD, VR video for all. We could not be prouder of this historic accomplishment they've achieved and we're looking forward to many more amazing milestones when working with such an awesome startup! Read on to learn more about VUZE Camera and why they chose mindStart.

About VUZE Camera

VUZE Camera was developed with goal of simplifying virtual reality cameras and allowing the user experience to actually feel like an experience! They've hit the ground running, full-speed ahead and they haven't looked back once. VUZE Camera is truly an innovator in their field and there will certainly be many more exciting advancements pouring out of the VUZE Camera labs soon enough.

Why VUZE Camera Chose mindStart

VUZE Camera chose mindStart due to their exponential growth recently and they knew mindStart was a name they could trust to help them see their goals become a reality. Through an initial introduction to the technology and various briefings on how to best interact with their exclusive customers, our dedicated customer support team here at mindStart has been able to successfully deliver excellent, outsourced customer support to VUZE Camera's clientele. While at the same time we've been reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and promoting an overall enhanced customer experience for all of VUZE Camera's users.

Choosing mindStart is the Way to Go!

When you're searching for outsourced customer support, you'll want the best team to back you up. When you choose mindStart, we're always here for you, 24/7-365 and we'll always have your customers as our top priority. To learn more about working with mindStart and how we can help your reach outer-space levels of excellent, outsourced customer service; contact us! We'll be sure to reply within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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