Outsourced Customer Support for Ann Arbor Startups

Ann Arbor: A Growing College Town

Ann Arbor is traditionally thought of as a college/university town where many go to study everything from medicine to business to law. The times are changing as Ann Arbor has become a cultural hub in Michigan, otherwise known as "The Mitten". Ann Arbor has a little bit of everything to offer for everyone. This is most likely the reason why so many people have decided to set up shop in A2 and call it their new home for business, and pleasure. Read on to discover why Ann Arbor is no longer just a university town in the midwest, but a growing hub for innovative startup technology.

Home to University of Michigan

Being that the University of Michigan only accepts the brightest and best when it comes to academia, it makes sense the town would begin to see some of that recruited brilliance amongst its entrepreneurial, startup community as well. When the brightest minds are given the chance to shine through startup accelerator programs, funding, and a general culture which accepts and encourages out-of-the-box thinking, you'll find it's the perfect catalyst for great innovation to occur.

Booming Economic Conditions

If you've visited Ann Arbor yourself in the past couple of years, you'll notice tons of construction going on. This is always a good sign of the economic conditions at play, as infrastructure development allows every other facet of the local economy to begin to thrive. Ann Arbor is also one of the most productive cities in Michigan with its workforce. The town has a plethora of jobs to choose from and there's a housing shortage due to so many people making the move to the ever-expanding city. All of these conditions allow Ann Arbor to thrive and continue to funnel lots of liquid cash into startups.

Home Prices are Up

Home values are makings huge gains as each year passes and it's only a matter of time until Ann Arbor turns into a San Francisco scenario where city workers have to commute from towns on the outskirts and beyond the city limits. If you're contemplating purchasing a home in the general Ann Arbor area, now is the time to do so!

Built On Innovation

Ann Arbor has a long history of fostering talented individuals and utilizing them to make the city what it is today. When there's so much talent in such a confined area, you're bound to produce greatness somewhere along the way and this is exactly the situation which Ann Arbor is encountering currently within its startup scene.

A2 Will Eventually Become a Startup Hub

As time goes on, you'll most likely begin to see people commonly refer to Ann Arbor as a tech hub of the midwest where innovation meets great work ethic and where startups transform into full-fledged businesses.

How mindStart Can Help

mindStart is a US-based, customer support center which caters to growing startups, all across the world. 90% of our customer support agents are college-educated with a 4-year degree from an accredited university. Additionally, we offer customer support not only in English, but in Spanish, French, and many other languages as well. So no matter which language your target audience speaks, we'll be able to help you grow your startup with excellent, outsourced customer service, right here in the United States. Feel free to contact us to learn all about our processes and we'll be happy to walk you though every step we take to ensure your startup is successful.

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