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ATL: A Historic and Growing Economy

Atlanta has long been known to house some of the largest corporations in the world. Companies ranging from Coca-Cola to CNN to Delta Airlines. There are many, many corporation which call Atlanta "home", yet there are more and more startups choosing to call Atlanta "home" as well. With a low cost of living, an incredible talent pool, and a number of cohorts already formed throughout the Atlanta area, it's only a matter of time before Atlanta begins to transform itself into a city where new technology is embraced; maybe even more so than the standard business models of previous generations? Read on to learn more about the Atlanta startup incubators, companies, events, and jobs which are being generated nearly every week and how mindStart plans to help!

Investor to Startup Ratio for Atlanta

The ratio in Atlanta is one which is catering towards the startups more so than the investors. Currently, there are 2,651 startups and 5,104 investors. This allows for the startups to be much more selective with their choices for whom they want to conduct business with. This dynamic then attracts even more startups searching for investors who are more willing to hand over some of their investment opportunities with hopes of investing in "the next big thing". All in all, this ratio will continue to give Atlanta the opportunity to thrive in more ways than one while stimulating the economy every step of the way.

Why Choose Atlanta for Your Startup?

Atlanta is a city which is located in a great spot, especially if you plan on traveling several weeks out of the month or having potential customers/clients travel to your headquarters, as there are many affordable flights to and from the Atlanta area due to Delta Airlines' strong presence. This will incentivize people to migrate within the city limits as the city itself is a hub of many sorts. Additionally, there's a strong talent pool in the Atlanta area. Several people from major tech cities are choosing to live in Atlanta with its low cost of living and overall quality of life when compared to New York City, San Francisco, and other major players in the startup game.

Startups to Look Out For

In Atlanta, there are several exciting startups ranging from BitCoin payment processors to Digital Marketing Agencies to self-service truck rental apps. There are so many exciting and innovative startups which are solving problems for people all around the world. The best way to see all of the new and exciting startups is to check out this link, right here!

How mindStart Can Help Your Atlanta-based Startup Succeed

mindStart is a US-based, outsourced customer service company which caters exclusively to startups. We've helped many startups across the globe grow through out excellent customer service methods and we'll be happy to show you all we can offer your growing, Atlanta-based startup. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can accelerate your business and help you have one less thing to worry about!

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