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Kansas City: A Town Built on BBQ, Jazz, and Trains

With Kansas City experiencing tremendous growth, both in their startup and overall economic activity, it's important to reflect on the city's amazing history and how it's become the midwest epicenter of startups in recent years. There are many reasons to enjoy a trip to KCMO, but the food, the culture, the cost of living, and the startup scene is more than enough to entice an out-of-towner to consider making the move to Kansas City. With its strong history in the Jazz community, it's tremendous barbecue, and it's development of some of the most innovative train technology we still use to this very day; it's no wonder why Kansas City was destined for greatness when it decided to become a startup hub. Read on to discover how Kansas City is making a name for itself and how mindStart plans on helping startups across the Kansas City area excel, grow, and become full-fledged companies.

Startup Culture

The startup culture throughout the KCMO area is one which prides itself on being an oasis in an otherwise deserted landscape in the midwest. There's not too much going on, startup-wise, in the surrounding areas of Kansas City. With this in mind, there's even more of a drive to shine bright amongst the competition from say Chicago, Austin, SF, etc... With all of this opportunity, whether it be in the form of investors eager to accelerate the Kansas City startup scene or brilliant minds relocating to the city to set up shop in hopes of making it big; there remains a sense of pending success within nearly all of the startups Kansas City seems to produce.

Economic Activity

Besides the fact the startup scene is booming, the economy itself in Kansas City has lent itself to see some amazing growth. Several new luxury apartments, homes, and office buildings are being constructed each and every month. This is showing strong signs of an economy which is most likely only going to go up from here.

Expected Growth

The expected growth of Kansas City is some of which is purporting projected increases across the board: population growth, housing growth, commercial development growth, and an overall rise in the economy. There are currently 85 startups and 4,764 investors in the KCMO area, this proves to be great conditions where the startups can thrive. All in all, it's looking good!

How mindStart Can Help

With mindStart, we provide only the best, US-based, outsourced customer support for startups. We have worked with a variety of startups, big and small, domestic and international, allowing us to see the full scope of everything the startup world has to offer and what we can offer the startup world. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our processes, pricing, and plans we can offer your growing Kansas City startup. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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