Outsourced Customer Support for Las Vegas Startups

Las Vegas: Sin City & Startup City

Whenever someone thinks of Las Vegas, they think of reckless partying, debauchery, and crazy nights filled with activities you may or may not recall the next morning. However, the city is transforming into a new version of itself, one which harbors growth, sustainability, and exceptional performance geared towards bettering people's lives through startup technology and innovation. Read on to learn more about how Las Vegas will soon enough become a major force within the startup world and how mindStart can help your Las Vegas startup grow and achieve more than you ever thought possible with our excellent, outsourced customer service.

A Transformative Process

Las Vegas is a city which invokes many feelings with many people. If you've ever been, you can always recall the memories, or lack of memories, you had during your trip to Sin City. Nowadays, the image of Las Vegas has become exponentially cleaner and geared towards letting the entire family in on the fun, not just the former dynamic of being an "adult playground". If you look at Las Vegas now, you'll notice the city has changed into one which truly embraces innovation, research & development, and an overall sense of bettering lives throughout startup technology.

The First Mavericks

If you're familiar with Zappos, the online shoe retailer, then you'll be happy to know Zappos was one of the first to bring the startup mentality to Las Vegas. Through taking advantage of the low cost of living, the local talent pool, and the affordable infrastructure; Tony Hsieh (the CEO of Zappos) was able to bring great change to a city which was founded on gambling, buffets, and partying through setting up shop within the city limits. Zappos is now one of the most successful and original startups in Las Vegas.

Where the Startup Scene is Headed in Las Vegas

The startup scene in Las Vegas is still in its infancy when compared to larger, more developed startup hubs, but it's still maintaining steady growth and accomplishing goals at a pace everyone is pleased with. It's only a matter of time before the startup scene begins to truly expand and when that time comes, it will be a very exciting day.

How mindStart Can Help Your Las Vegas Startup

If you have a Las Vegas startup and are experiencing more growth than you can handle, you'll want to contact us to ensure your customer service efforts remain intact. Customer service is synonymous with your product or service your provide. If the customer service isn't excellent, your potential and current customers will look elsewhere for a better option. Make the right choice for your startup and choose mindStart to take care of the day-to-day customer service operations and you focus on your startup. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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