Outsourced Customer Support for London Startups

London is Thriving

London has long been an economic hub for seemingly forever, yet even with all of the economic fluctuations and downturns the fine city has experienced, it still comes out on top every year. Something about the city draws the best and brightest, especially in the world of startups. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better city for your startup if you're ambitious and willing to do what it takes to succeed. Read on to learn more about the startup scene in London and how mindStart plans on helping the scene expand.

"Brexit" Has Had Little Effect So Far

As mentioned earlier, there have been several economic fluctuations throughout the history of London, yet the most recent "Brexit" incident would have had most people guessing the economy would have suffered an immense loss of some sort, right? Well, this seems to not be the case as the economic activity in London has reached an all-time high in terms of GDP and comparative growth. Overall, it seems this powerhouse of a city will never be stopped.

Why Startups Choose London

London has an amazing environment for startups. First and foremost, this is due to the feeling one can embrace when they first step foot in the city as it automatically enhances their ability to reign in motivation from all sources. There are not many other cities which have a collective feeling of progress, work ethic, and culture; all wrapped in one. Besides the feelings one may experience whilst walking about London, it's important to note there are a number of startup accelerators and cohorts throughout the city. This lends to helping these freshly minted startups succeed with the help of mentorship, financial support, and overall guidance on how to best succeed in this ultra competitive field.

Amazing Talent Pool Willing to Travel to the Great City

Many people dream of living in London not just for startups but for embracing what the city has to offer from nearly any perspective. The city beckons many people whom are dreaming of living the London life and the startup community is a great accessory to all the city has to offer. When you have a city such as London and there's a strong drive to succeed, it will most certainly attract a plethora of amazing talent which startups and investors across the metropolis can choose from. Even those as far as Somerset SEO consultants are traveling to London to seek opportunity for their businesses.

Innovation Around Every Corner

There are a large number of startups across the city, 11,722 according to angel.co, and a large number of investors, 5570 according to angel.co. With all of these startups and investors, they are actually around every corner. All of this community will allow the "snowball effect" to occur and this will eventually lead to compounded growth and economic stimulation.

How mindStart Can Help Your London Startup

At mindStart, we help startups by having a dedicated, outsourced customer service platform based in the US. Our customer service representatives are all highly educated and excellent at what they do. We have 24/7-365 customer service available in many formats (phone support, chat support, email support, etc...) and we always take the time to learn everything about your product and/or service. Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help your startup grow with our excellent, outsourced customer service!

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