Outsourced Customer Support for Madison Startups

Transforming from "Cheese-Heads" to Startups

Madison is a university town with a strong culture surrounded by good food, good bars, good cheese, and good people. Yet nowadays, there's another element in the Madison equation and it should definitely be mentioned. The fifth element in this equation is the booming startup scene. Madison currently hosts 245 startups with 4,789 investors, yielding a 3.3 million dollar average valuation. All of this from a smaller town in the midwest is quite impressive and it's only going to increase as people relocate to Madison for several of the benefits the town has to offer. Read on to discover said benefits and learn why mindStart is the choice in outsourcing customer support for Madison, Wisconsin based startups.

Cost of Living

Madison has plenty of affordable homes for sale and they're much larger than one would expect for the price. The schools are great as well if you plan on starting a family in addition to your startup. Overall, for a growing city, you can't beat the cost of living for the value you receive and this is more than enough of a reason for many people to strongly consider making the move to Madison.

Talent Pool

Being that the University of Wisconsin - Madison has some of the best rankings across the board when it comes to higher education, it's no surprise the startup community is being heavily supported by the brilliant minds who graduate from such a great institution. This talent pool which is growing and growing as each year passes will only further contribute to the success of the startup community in Madison.

The Culture

There's something in the air in Madison which brings people back, time and time again. There's an inviting and welcoming atmosphere wherever you go in the city with its quaint charm and small-town feel. At the same time there's a strong level of importance placed on being the best you can be at what you do. Whether it's producing some of the best craft brews as a brewery master, writing the best thesis as a PhD student, or starting the best startup as an entrepreneur; there's a work ethic engrained into the people of Madison which is not found in many places today.

Large Amount of Investors

All of that work ethic has paid off, especially within the startup community, in the form of investors. As mentioned earlier in this article, there are 4,789 investors eagerly awaiting to invest in the next big thing. With all of these investors pouring cash into startups, now is a fantastic time to be a startup in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

How mindStart Fits into the Madison Startup Scene

With mindStart, we're able to take startups to the next level through our excellent, outsourced customer service based in the USA. We help startups manage all of their customer support needs and provide them with the best customer service possible so they can rest assured their brand's image, integrity, and quality of service ratings will be kept well. To learn more about what we offer the startups we work with, contact us, and we'll guide you through all of our processes. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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