Outsourced Customer Support for Oklahoma City Startups

Oklahoma City: A Gem on the Prairie

It's often been said the area of Oklahoma City, OK is often described as the "Silicon Prairie" along with many other midwestern areas. While Oklahoma City may not be the first city which comes to mind when you think of startups, technology, and innovation, it most certainly is making a name for itself. Through passion, persistence, and an ever-evolving startup scene; Oklahoma City is becoming a big name. Read on to learn more about the startup scene and how it's transforming the entire state of Oklahoma!

Startups in Oklahoma City

Being a startup in Oklahoma City offers many opportunities due to the simple fact that the startup scene is still relatively new. This "ground-floor" environment allows you and your startup to make a much higher impact upon the local startup scene than say, Seattle, SF, Portland, or NYC. With this grassroots-level approach and a community open to new ideas and innovation, now is the time to be in OKC. There's a thriving workforce as well across the city limits and it's only a matter of time before Oklahoma City begins to form its own incubators and cohorts fostering unique niches of startup culture.

Investor to Startup Ratio in Oklahoma City

With Oklahoma City being a relatively new startup city, the investor to startup ratio is excellent for all startups located within the city. Currently, there are 186 startups and 4,766 investors. This dynamic allows startups to be more selective when accepting funding and will ultimately allow the best startups to rise to the top.

Oklahoma City Small Business Startups

Oklahoma City has long been a place where the small business scene has thrived due to locals shopping local. the same idea is likely to transcend across the small business environment to the startup environment where Oklahoma City residents will most likely be the first adopters of the new and innovative technology pouring out of the city itself.

How mindStart Can Help Your Oklahoma City Startup

mindStart helps startups achieve their goals of expansion, growth, and further rounds of funding by providing excellent, outsourced customer service to your Oklahoma City-based startup. Our customer service centers and representatives are all located right in the United States and we are proud to offer 24/7-365 support to the startups we work with in a wide variety of languages. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your Oklahoma City startup reach its goals through excellent, outsourced customer service; today!

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